Liberals’ gun registry saves boy; deranged man holds 3-yr-old kid hostage with knife

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The Article

Kid slashed across face.  Could have been a pellets from a shot gun.  Thank God for liberals and their scientific principles and university studies. 

Vancouver hostage-taking ended by police

A Vancouver toddler is being treated for injuries after he was held hostage in the basement of a community centre overnight.

The three-year-old boy and his mother were in the Ray-Cam centre on Tuesday evening when a man walked in just after the supper hour.

Police said a 24-year-old man was yelling and he was armed with a large knife.  …

Police say the deranged man is known to police for mental health issues and previous violent incidents.  Therefore, as we all know, he would never be allowed to get even close to passing a gun safety course, he’d be even further from ever obtaining a gun license which is already nearly impossible for sane people, and owning a gun that he could possibly have registered, even if he knew what all of the forging meant, would be met with haughty laughter from the registry bureaucrats.  Which is why he didn’t get a gun from one of the sellers in the east side.

So I credit the liberals’ gun registry for saving the boy, because as they keep telling us, traffic cops check the registry at least 698,534 every afternoon.

Joel Johannesen
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