By now you have heard that Amazing Ann Coulter recently gave the loon-left a worse whoopin’ than Dan Brown’s pseudo-Albino pseudo-monk’s corporal mortification. So, foaming at the mouth, Democrats were in no condition for a coherent response to the raging question of the hour: If the U.S. had cut and run in Iraq, where would that savage and very dead thug al-Zarqawi be today?

Canada too served notice on barbarity and perversity. Our Prime Minister brilliantly stood his ground on security certificates to hold and remove alien and odious terror threats and suspects.

But the real treat was a fresh poll of Canadian morals that blew liberal abomination out of the mainstream. Conducted in April, the large survey (over 1500 participants) has a 95% accuracy. It certified basic Canadian values as only Conservatives have claimed and all others would rather die than concede.

Prostitution, extra-marital sex, “puppy-love,” even porn – the “four pillars” of the liberal “alternative” lifestyle – took a shellacking the order of Samson’s last surge of strength.

Above all, there was no confusion among Canadians about the diabolical matter of pedophilia, which you wouldn’t know from the continued disgraceful behaviour of pedosoft judges.

81% rated child molestation, the “most unforgivable behaviour.” Sure, it’s been pointed out that one might wonder why that wouldn’t be 100%. But really, do we truly believe that any community can continue to under-punish such revolting criminality without that then translating into brazen tones of approval, or at least, muted tones of disapproval.

If you go soft, long enough, even on murder, you will indeed tamper with basic moral outrage. It’s a survival mechanism. Just recall a bit of painful truth from racial history. Good people needed something they could hang on to in confronting the way the system went easy even on lynching. Criticism was equivocated by something so wanton, provoking so unsevere a legal response.

The real news is that in spite of light sentences, people remain steadfast in their view of naked evil.

In South Carolina and Oklahoma now, repeat pedophiles are eligible for the death penalty. These are the grounds that will bring capital punishment back to Canada, please The Lord.

David Brook, who teaches law, spoke for the loon-left, insisting that the “last message you want to give an offender who has the life of a child in his hands is you might as well kill the child because he’s already got the death penalty.”

Now remember these are the people who believe that the death penalty does not deter crime. So how can it have such power over criminals – smack in the middle of such a barbaric act?! How these loons give themselves away.

Next up, 74% condemned extra-marital sex. Women, the supposed weak link in the Conservative so-called gender-gap, opposed such behaviour at an even higher rate of 81%. That’s “taboo” territory. That’s Conservative majority victory margin come next federal election.

Not far behind: prostitution, rejected by 76% women, 68% overall, and under-age sex, rejected by 71% in BC – the highest in the nation – and by 65% overall. On the eve of Parliament’s raising of the age of consent to 16 from 14, what better confirmation of the conservative nature of basic Canadian values could there possibly be?

No wonder liberals don’t know where to go next. And that’s not just looking for a leader. On the one hand, the Vancouver-based extremist Pivot Legal Society released a so-called “report” on the local sex-trade, advocating safety and other regulations for the business as well as the removal of criminal provisions.

24 hours, Jimmie Pattison’s rag, carrying the story, June 14, said flat out: “In fact, Canada is behind many countries which legalize the sex-trade and have unions.” Behind? As in “backward”? “Regressive”? So now legalizing sales of women and children by body-part activity is “progressive” by definition?!

And Canada lags “behind”? Well, at least the buggers got the position right.

On the other hand, Bonnie Erbe, columnist for steadfast-lib Scripps Howard, calls for a ban on prostitution which “By its very nature … is demeaning to women and encourages anti-social, some would say depraved, behavior by men,” all the while proclaiming that “Sex is a biological function, like eating or sleeping,” and praising European laxity in sex education.

Question: if sex really is simply like sleeping then shouldn’t the only concern be silk sheets versus street corners?

Question: if sex is just like sleeping, but selling sex is “demeaning” and “depraved,” then shouldn’t selling mattresses and pillows be somewhere in the Criminal Code?

Do these people think before they spew? Can they think? Canadians certainly can.

And Canadians have proportion in approval and disapproval. In a growing awareness of one social menace after the other, alcohol abuse sported the same degree of scorn as under-age sex. Porn was next at 58% opposed. But down the list, blasphemy was opposed by just above half the population. Divorce was way down at 17% disapproval and contraception came dead last at a mere 8% opposition.

Erbe doesn’t know when to quit. She contends that “more advanced,” liberal sexual attitudes are why Western Europe has a lower teen pregnancy rate than the U.S.

Oh yea? And what role does abortion – oh, excuse me, “pregnancy prevention” – play in that statistic? Erbe stays away from the “A” word, like the Scarlet Letter. Which is interesting, since, in spite of the bone-crushingly one-sided ride that abortionists enjoy in the media, over a third of Canadians stand in opposition.

The rate is about the same as that of opposition to homosexuality, considered a “surprise” by the Research Vice-President of the firm behind the poll.

Is the anti-abortion figure also a “surprise”? If so, why?

What we have here is a failure to understand opposition. Our CP (Canadian Press) even went so far as to present the homosexual disapproval rate as if it “followed” the low divorce rate, which was coupled – for some unexplained reason – with the abortion rate. The ever so subtle hint was that homosexual opposition was – or, should be – lower than that for divorce.

All the tricks in the book. Still, Canadians aren’t buying it. They know who they are, and what they stand for.