Liberal: Better pay us in cash, bucko, or you’ll have to pay us TWICE as much

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Remember, people keep it in perspective.


When you finish laughing, or crying, read more about the crime drama called “Liberal Party”.

From the Globe & Mail:

[…] He said Tony Mignacca, a friend of former public works minister Alfonso Gagliano, made a veiled threat that Groupaction would lose a major contract should Mr. Brault fail to rehire a Liberal lobbyist with whom he had a falling out.

As he recalled the incident, Mr. Brault got so upset he had to take a break from the witness stand.

When he came back, he testified about Mr. Gagliano’s top organizer, Joseph Morselli, who wanted a large payment in return for the postponement of a bidding competition.

Mr. Brault said he offered $100,000, but Mr. Morselli said it would have to be in cash, otherwise he had to pay twice as much. [… read on – 10 minutes)]

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