Liberal attitude on defending Canada utterly bizarre

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Tonight’s vote in Canada’s Parliament to extend the Anti-Terror Act is an absolute no-brainer—of course it needs to be extended.  But the ironic caveat here with this no-brainer is that you do actually have to have a brain in order to vote correctly.  Bereft of a brain, one might be inclined to vote against it. 

Therefore the Liberal Party of Canada and its MP will be instructed to vote against it by its bizarre leader, Frenchman Stephane (“the Green Guru”) Dion. 

All sensible people in Canada agree:  the Liberal Party is engaging in dangerous, nation-threatening, brainless politics.  The amusing part—if one is to be found in something so serious—is that it will cause irreparable harm to the Liberal Party, as well it should.  Their vote is a vote against Canada.  Against you and your family. 

This will leave few options for the Liberals’ Liberal-friendly media firms come the next election.  “We’re for Treason!” and “We hate Canada!” are not good election campaign slogans in English or French.  Except, of course to attract the terrorist vote and the far left of the Liberal Party or the fringe moonbats in Layton’s you’ve got to be kidding party.  Granted, that’s a large constituency in Canada.  The terrorists’ (and Michael Moore’s) slogan “death to America” is scary enough.  But “death to Canada” is just not a very patriotic stand even in liberal-rich Toronto.  (Maybe they can use their gun ad again!)

But that being said, no sober, sensible person or group in the entire country supports Canada’s liberal-left in their bizarre and totally ideologically-driven political effort to blatantly reduce Canada’s national defences today.  Everybody in Canada is against the absurd Dion Liberals and the even further left socialists of the you’ve got to be kidding party (and of course the utterly ridiculous socialists of the Bloc Quebecois).

Even prominent Liberals don’t support the intellectually dishonest Green Guru’s increasingly far-left Liberals.  Police don’t support them.  Security experts don’t.  Governments across the country don’t.  Even the liberals’ Supreme Court of Canada division doesn’t.  Nobody does. 

The Dion Liberals are thus completely out of touch with Canadians and reality itself.  The argument today can only be just what drug—or Islamofascist organization—is causing this bizarre behavior.  (They did relieve Scott “beer & popcorn” Reid, didn’t they?)

The patriotic job of every Canadian—of all political bents—is now more clear than ever.  It is to ensure that liberals—the Liberal Party or the you’ve got to be kidding party—are not given the power to risk our nation any further than they already have.  It’s now just too obvious to ignore the hidden agenda of liberals.

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