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Liberal news mag slams liberal academia, brainwashing; pretends it has nothing to do with it.

I love it when media pretend to give a crap about things which it’s clear to me they don’t; or which they in fact actually endorse and embrace. They’re so cute.

This week, a generally pretty liberal-friendly and pretty reliably anti-conservative news magazine (save for its token conservative columnists), Maclean’s, is at it again. Their cover shouts “STOP BRAINWASHING OUR KIDS!” And they’re not even being satirical or ironic or sardonic.

Latest Maclean’s magazine cover – Oct 26 2012:
Sure enough, inside, they feign alarm at the left-wing’s “social justice”
crap (it is socialism) being taught by the left-wing teachers over the past 30 years.

Yes this week, the (news!) magazine suddenly acknowledges the now several decades old, possibly well past the tipping point, overtly liberal-left academia, what with its newly discovered liberal-leftist “social justice” and other hackneyed politically progressive brainwashing of at least the last generation. This process of Fabian Socialism started, oh, before I was born. Reminder: it is now the year 2012.

So, wow! That’s some timely news reporting right there!

I wonder when the liberal media, including Maclean’s, which, as if to prove its liberal-left bona fides and its reliance on the liberal-left mindset, is itself subsidized by the Canadian government and its taxpayers’ millions, will grow up. We’ll know they have reached puberty when they own-up to their own responsibility in helping nurture this all-encompassing “brainwashing” shocker that has ever so amazingly become rampant in this country over the past several decades. I suggest they never will, and they will continue to advocate themselves into oblivion. But in the meantime, I admit this week’s effort is another good fake-out for the stupids!

This warning about liberal-left brainwashing of our kids can mean only one thing: Another pro-left-wing Maclean’s cover on the horizon!  Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Here are just some of the many Maclean’s magazine covers I’ve brought to your attention over the years at ProudToBeCanadian.ca. As you can see, there’s no brainwashing going on over here, folks. Just move along. Better yet, just MoveOn(.org). And please pay your taxes on the way out.






ProudToBeCanadian.ca and BoldColors.net readers know our columnist, Professor Mike Adams, who has brought real-life examples from the inside  —  of just some of the overt leftist and anti-conservative academia in America’s post-secondary colleges and universities. We’re not a news magazine, but we’ve carried Mike Adams’ column for many years now. Do try to keep up with our unsubsidized publications, Maclean’s. For example, in order to “enlighten” (your own description of yourselves) your readers, ask to carry his column. Or would that work against you and what you’re advocating, somehow?


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