Let Us Pray

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Another fine example of how a tolerant, inclusive, diversity-loving, give-no-offense to anyone atheist prefers to exclude a group to make sure their delicate, pantywaist, hissy-fit, cream-puff little world isn’t disrupted by the utterance of a prayer…

Quebec tribunal to hear prayer complaints

A Laval tradition of starting city council meetings with a prayer will be investigated by a Quebec human rights tribunal after a complaint by an atheist who argues religion has no place in state institutions.

Danielle Payette said she asked city council more than two years ago to refrain from holding a short prayer session before each meeting. When she attended, she would sit while others stood briefly for a prayer at the start.

The teacher and atheist says she feels it’s embarrassing and that beliefs should be personal and private.

The Quebec Human Rights Commission asked the city to drop the prayer by February 2004 after her complaint, but Laval council has refused. The 27-word prayer asks the Lord to provide them with His grace and the knowledge to run the city well.

Because I’m all about inclusiveness, let’s give the atheist a moment of silence to observe the nothingness that is the religion of disbelief. Also, if there are any Jews, Muslims, Wiccans or other religious people on this council, ask them to include their dedication. That way, everyone can either despise one another and be equally offended or they can choose to practice what they preach…trying to make everyone feel comfortable. After all, that’s what this atheist’s complaint is all about.

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