Left-wing Toronto Star to lay off 160. CBC, Liberals and NDP bracing for torrent of job apps?

Torstar to cut 160 jobs.

One reader, Maureen, emailed me and wondered if the cuts would start at the “useless columnists first”.  They’re all columnists over there aren’t they?  So I guess starting with the useless ones would be a good place to start. The hard part is picking the most useless ones. 

Another reader, Dave, wrote me with the advisory that it was “A Nice Feel-Good News Story for Today!”  I plead schadenfreude.

Liberal papers all over North America are losing money and laying people off.  In every case, they claim it’s the economy or it’s technology or simply that the folks are (mysteriously!) moving to the internet for their news.  Here’s a news flash:  I think it’s also the fact that folks are wising up, and are quickly tiring of the abject liberal-left bias that has been revealed with the advent of the internet and bloggers like yours truly.  Many of the newspapers have been exposed as little more than journals of politically-left liars and manipulators.  As I’ve always said, you can’t trust a news media with an agenda.

The liberals’ bible, the New York Times, from which many liberal papers get their liberal angle and ‘tude, said today that “The New York Times Company, the parent of The New York Times, posted a $335,000 loss in the first quarter — one of the worst periods the company and the newspaper industry have seen — falling far short of both analysts’ expectations and its $23.9 million profit in the quarter a year earlier.”

In February they laid off 100.  Again with the schadenfreude

Well that’s yer problem right there ma’am… 
The article about itself in the Toronto Star today is a canned article provided to them by…. Canadian Press

The Star claims that the layoff will save them $12 MILLION annually.  Here’s the math:  that’s means the salaries over there are $75,000 per employee.  I demand a raise (from $0 per year to, say, anything.) 

Torstar stock closed today at $16.19.  which is nearly 31% off its 52-week high of $23.40.  Schadenfreude.

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