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Why left-wing newspapers are not “sustainable”

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]oing through the papers these days is an exercise in left-wing indoctrination. Duh, you say. I know, that’s not news, to my readers, I know, I know, it’s old news. Fair enough. But it’s worth revisiting every once in a while.

The papers don’t duly cover, say, business, or commerce generally — at least not in a favorable light; nor the value of, say, lower taxes and small government, or not aborting live babies (or as today’s online version of the paper put it in a totally one-sided story about the abortion drug RU-486, it “causes the uterus to contract and expel the pregnancy.” Yup, “expel the pregnancy.” And not one live human could they find who is against that).

Maybe, hopefully, and as I suspect I’m right, it’s why the papers are all failing rapidly.

Here’s today’s lovely Sunday read:

Page one: A huge photo and tease about a seafood “sustainability” program and how it needs to be bolstered in order to force businesses into complying with the agenda of this enviro group.

(Every other word from leftists these days is “sustainable.” Except that they are ambivalent about babies in the womb being “sustainable.”)

Page two – three: A huge whole-page article about the “sustainability” — not of various foods, this time — but of the myriad government money and programs for drug addicts; and as if I had to tell you, the need for much, much more government cash and government programs, of course, because drug deaths are up 61% this year. I kid you not: the article is headlined “‘Sustainable’ change needed for addicts”. I’m only surprised they didn’t squeeze “man-made global warning” in there!

Page four – five: Big article about keeping designer chickens in your urban back yard “to reconnect with your food source.” I think it must have taken everything they had to not use the word “sustainable” in this article. Also, I have a sneaking suspicion, because I’m not a total dumb-ass, that the backyard chicken-as-a-pet push by the left-wing politicians in BC’s urban centers is really all about turning everyone into vegans. Therefore I suggest KFC tonight.

Page six – seven: Columnist rambling on about how the extreme left-wing provincial party in BC, the socialist NDP, which is even more left-wing than the governing Liberals (note that the columnist just calls them the “the NDP”), is against grizzly bear hunting by “foreigners.” (Of course “foreigners” is what the Left would call a “dog whistle” — a pejorative term used to describe as secretly “racist” or “sexist” (etc) just about anything said by anyone on the right these days. Luckily I speak Liberal Fascist, so I can tell you that what “foreigners” means in this case is “those f—ing Americans.” Again, that’s “those f—ing Americans.”

Page eight – nine: Another columnist is on about the proliferation of palm trees in Vancouver. He can’t resist the yummy opportunity to mention “global warming” even though as the article even admits, this proliferation of palm trees, which are of a type which just happens to thrive in chilly climates, has utterly nothing whatsoever to do with global warming, at all.

Page nine – ten: A brief respite of actual news about a car break-in. No left-wing advocacy here. Wow.

Page eleven – twelve: A two-page advocacy article about seafood “sustainability” (which was teased on the front), and an enviro organization’s efforts to force food suppliers and restaurants to only supply food to the pubic that the organization deems “sustainable” in their wisdom (and for these suppliers to pay them for the privilege of being regulated by them). To give you an idea of their strict adherence to common sense, farmed Atlantic salmon, from Costco, which is all my wife and I eat, is verboten. But they didn’t ask anyone the likes of us.

Page thirteen – fourteen: On the surface, a story of a murderer being sentenced. In reality, another example of liberal-left leniency when it comes to drugs addicts and their crimes. The murderer, who bludgeoned his wife to death with a knife multiple times, is sentenced to 12 years less time served. Nope, not a good hanging or even a life term. Here’s the part where the judge was speaking to the murderer at sentencing:

…do everything within your power to rehabilitate yourself to treat and constantly maintain your mental health and to stay as far away as you can from a drug that is a source of so much tragedy in our society,” the judge said.

“I wish you good luck in that endeavour.”

No, there was no mandatory drug treatment either. Good luck indeed. To us.

Page fifteen – sixteen: A sympathetic article about a tugboat which ran aground, and enviro-activists are in a tizzy, which they have every right to be. The chief complainant is a first nations member, claiming that more bans against tug boats going past their coastal village, and more government regulation and oversight is needed, to stop the outside world — mostly Americans, since it’s mentioned twice or more — from doing this to them. The story is from Bella Bella, BC, about which Wikipedia says “Bella Bella has had a precarious and isolated existence.” In other words, it totally relies on all manner of the modern transportation of goods to accommodate their very existence in that region; and being almost exactly in between Alaska, USA, and Washington state, USA, American boats might also just pass by, aside from the ones who supply your lives. That last bit of info was brought to you by me, not the paper.

Page eighteen – nineteen: It’s literally a celebration of left-wing (dare I say social-ist) charity events, called Social Network. Here’s their layout:

One event was a David Suzuki event, and I need say no more about the far-leftness contained therein; another was a multicultural mosaic-advocacy charity event (no, not a multicultural melting pot or integration with Canadian traditions charity event. Hint: the group is called “MOSAIC” and supports Syrian refugees moving to BC.  Celebrate!)

Page twenty – twenty one: Actual news without a left-wing tinge to it. Wow.

We finally got a conservative respite on page twenty-two, where, mercifully, an excellent op-ed by Jordan Bateman of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation was allowed to advance a conservative notion:

…A better solution for taxpayers would be for every city council in the region to announce that they will reduce their own property taxes by the same amount TransLink is raising theirs. Given the eye-popping increases we have seen at city halls, it is very do-able for mayors to find the equivalent of $3 a year on savings in their own city halls and pass those savings on to taxpayers to cover the TransLink hike…

…The development cost charge (DCC) plan also offers an opportunity for city politicians to show they sincerely care about affordability in their communities. Adding another tax to new housing will make new homes more expensive, so mayors should be scouring their cities’ overly complicated development processes to find ways to cut costs, red tape and processing time for new homes.

Vancouver, for example, already has 107 different taxes, fees and levies on new housing. There is a lot that could be done to offset a new TransLink DCC.

TransLink mayors claim these tax hikes are needed for a healthy region. But being able to afford to live here is also necessary. That’s why taxpayers should continue to hiss for more savings at city halls and TransLink itself.

He will be utterly skewered by the paper’s well-trained leftist readers by tomorrow morning.

There is no business section in today’s big weekend paper. No need seen by these media geniuses to inform Canadians about the wonderful world of commerce and invention and entrepreneurship, at all whatsoever.

I keep waiting for it — the backlash which I think has to happen when everybody just snaps out of it and says wait — back off, you’re going too far, you’re advocating for socialism or liberal fascism, and now we suddenly realize it, and you know what? We tried what you said and it’s actually making everything way worse, every day. Now let’s try making sense again.  

What we all actually need is a big change: like a paper dedicated to teaching and advocating for right-wing or conservative concepts and ideals. Might also drum up sales and make them more sustainable.


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