The weeks from Hell aren’t over yet for Liberal Frenchman Stephane (the “Green Guru”) Dion. 

This is all bad for “Canada’s Natural Governing Party” (™ liberals’ adoring media).  For the second poll in a row, the Conservatives are in majority win territory. 

Here are some highlights from the article in the National Post:

—A majority of 58 per cent said the best outcome of the next election would be a majority government, compared to 34 per cent who picked minority government.

—Those Canadians who prefer a majority most think it ought to be led by Stephen Harper. 58 per cent of those in favour of a majority would rather have Harper as the prime minister in such a circumstance, compared to 28 per cent who preferred Liberal Leader Stephane Dion.

—The Conservatives’ lead over the Liberals in seat-rich Ontario widened to eight points from three points last week, virtually guaranteeing they would score a “solid majority” victory if an election were held today, Bricker said.

—Tory support was 42 per cent, up two points from the previous survey, while the Liberals dropped three points to 34 per cent. The NDP had 13 per cent, and the Green party 10.

—“It’s win, win,” [Ipsos-Reid front man Darrell] Bricker said. “If he goes to the polls now, he wins. And it’s a win anyway, because he has a mandate to govern with pretty firm hands.

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