Latest Election Poll: “Cons” Would Win Canada; But Many Still Conned by Left or Far Left

Forum Research poll says most Canadians vote left, far left, or extreme left. Only 39% would vote for conservative parties, or the “Cons,” as the research firm so kindly refers to the Conservative Party in their official news release, and possibly in their survey itself.

Cons Lib NDP Green Bloc PPC Other
35 29 13 12 5 4 2


On that “Cons” thing: I’ve been over this before, but do you think pollsters with PhDs who self-identify as smart, don’t get that “Cons” has a negative connotation? “Cons” is not what the Conservative Party or members call themselves, for pretty self-evident reasons. If some ass asked me if I were “a Con” or referred to me that way, I’d have a pretty unmeasured response possibly prefaced with an “FU, hipster douchebag.” Do try me. “FU” is more or less what they’re saying to me, I figure, and I hate that leftist arrogance and smugness more and more as I age.

Abbreviating it for charts? Hey professional unbiased pollster PhD, maybe try “CPC” — obviously. When you’re referring to Conservatives or conservatives in voice, you could take that extra breath and say the whole word, even if you’re between bong hits.

So yeah, I think Canada is being conned once again by grits and dipsticks.

Don’t even get me started on “Tories” vs “Liberals,” as in “New Poll Shows Tories Looming Over Liberals.” At least they didn’t say “Cons Stealing Liberal Votes.”  Just once, and just for balance, what I’d like to see soon (say, October) is, “Conservatives elected to clean up after dirty Grits.”

Screenshot of actual news release
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