Kofi Anan lectures Israel—almost like he has a clue

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The Article

… or any credibility whatsoever… or that the U.N. has any credibility in this situation… reminding me of a kid working at a McDonald’s (no disrespect McDonald’s or to the kids working at McDonald’s) lecturing me about healthy eating. 

Annan has no clue.  The United Nations is a gas bag full of corrupt liberals and leftists who are full of hot air.  Spending time listening to that blow-hard anti-Israel, anti-America Annan lecture Israel and the world on this terrorist action (Annan doesn’t know the meaning of the word “terrorist” yet) against Israel is repugnant.

Even as he lists all the wrongs committed by Israel in its “excessive” response, his own U.N. has been a total failure in the region.  A TOTAL FAILURE.  An abysmal, total, absolute failure.  U.N. resolution 1559, which sits there in front of his face, remains unfulfilled, which could have stopped this latest terrorist action against Israel from happening.  And he glibly goes on lecturing the world about peace.  He can’t spell the word.  I’m beginning to think he doesn’t want to learn either.

A total failure should not presume to lecture a country which has successfully withstood all the odds and to this day remains a country—a miracle in and of itself—and is decidedly NOT wiped off the face of the Earth as promised by all its neighbours and as is tacitly desired by tens of millions of Arabs and terrorists which surround it with their guns and missiles and nuclear bomb threats and terrorist homicide bombers pointing at and running toward them constantly, even as they withdraw from Gaza and do the other things they constantly do to maintain their lives and their country.

The only thing Annan should have said was:  “We will send in heavily-armed troops (not from Fiji—no offence to Fiji) to kill the savage Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon whose stated goal is to wipe Israel off the map, and we demand that the entire civilized world come to the aid of Israel to wipe out the terrorist threat within (Hamas) and outside its borders.  Once that’s done, I’ll ask permission to lecture you on something I have a clue about, but don’t book any dates just yet.” 

In the meantime, Israel should continue to try to wipe out Hezbollah and the government in Lebanon should join them in that effort with all they’ve got.  And ultimately, Syria, Iran, and North Korea need to be saved from their deadly terrorist courses, and relieved of their killer dictators.  You won’t hear that from Annan of course.

Joel Johannesen
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