When failed 2004 Democratic Party U.S. Presidential candidate John Kerry indulged his recent unconscionable slur against his country’s military, it was to be expected that the mainstream media and the rest of the liberal cabal would come to his rescue, particularly in view of the country’s midterm federal elections now upon us.

The loons did not disappoint. Before Kerry spoke of a “botched joke,” all media spoke in chorus of a “gaffe,” a “slip-up,” not quite foot in mouth and certainly not a “born with a silver foot in the mouth” syndrome. No media howled the standard loaded question, “should Kerry issue an immediate apology for such an unspeakable slur?” That’s only when a Conservative is involved.

No matter. Kerry’s real lifeline, no less, came from the very man who whooped Kerry good and proper in that ’04 race and who, in the face of one Republican scandal after self-inflicted scandal, has the most to lose in the upcoming race. President Bush.

We know how the media will play any victory by Democrats in terms of utterly undermining Bush for the rest of his term. Yet, there was White House Press Secretary Tony Snow stating flat-out: “We’re trying to help you out. We’re throwing you a lifeline, buddy. Just say you’re sorry. It’s not hard.”

All the while Snow’s boss was actually, properly, hitting hard, showing that he had plenty left from ’04 for the lamentable Senator from Massaswishetts.

So who exactly allowed Snow to go out there giggling like CNN’s reptilian Bill Schneider on the ’06 prospects of Democrats?

What we have here is a failure to capitalize. It’s been the story of the whole campaign. It’s the difference between diabolical Democrats and Republican naifs. I reported on all this before. Right after their ’04 debacle, Harvard professor Theda Skocpol, in the December 20 issue of the not crypto-commie Nation magazine, proved herself more than half a bubble off plum, counselling Democrats to fight back “without trying to be precisely fair,” to “demonize” Republicans, to attack Republican ideas, “without waiting to find out exactly what the plans are.”

I counselled that this was so brazen as to constitute hate speech. No lifeline here. I must have been the only Conservative to have read the savage piece. I shudder to think what these raging bigots will counsel if Democrats win. 

Yet Kerry’s abominable language lends itself so beautifully to the Republican cause in an election in which voters made mention that Iraq is their number one concern.

First, what Kerry actually said. “You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”

His insistence that he meant to conclude, “ you get us stuck in Iraq,” referring to Bush, has a pathetic, Clintonian comic touch. For one thing, Kerry was making a comparison, not a comment. He was telling students that studying would lead to result A, as opposed to result B, for failing to study, which result B is ending up in the army, and thus, in Iraq.

He was making a point about where you’ll end up, not where you’ll make others end up (if you don’t study). Surely, the power to control the destiny of others (where they’ll end up), indeed of a whole nation (get us stuck in Iraq), is hardly indicative of the failed life of the man wielding such power. If anything, the exact opposite is indicated. Otherwise, how do you explain the corrosive envy of people like Kerry for exactly that power, even if it would be put to an altogether different use?

The reference to Bush would leave Kerry’s comparison with nothing to compare, exactly like a dangling participle, a misplaced point of reference, making Kerry’s whole point semantically deviant.

But Kerry, the self-anointed man of refinement was willing to sacrifice grammar and embrace nonsense in order to save his crapatta. Can you imagine what Skocpol and her ilk would do if that were a Conservative on the line?

They wouldn’t throw him a lifeline, that’s for sure.

There’s more to the orbit of reference and concern in parsing Kerry’s crapatta. He spoke at a nice suburban (Pasadena) community college in California that boasts that state’s highest post-graduation transfer statistic to the State University system.

That underscores the comparison Kerry drew in terms of his whole point about the seriousness of education.

The college, the current defending champion of a two-year college competition in Mathematics, has a huge Asian/white mix as opposed to a very low black presence.

So. An ethnic component emerges from Kerry’s utterly patronizing observation, one that is notorious in his Northeastern “Patrician” circle. These are the people who even go so far as to say that the Asian brain for math and science is superior to the white man’s. These are the people who constantly condescend to the so-called “disproportionately” black military “brawn.”

Again, do you think pathologically race-baiting Democrats would have let such an explosive point go unexploited, indeed completely unexplored, if the shoe were on the other foot-in-mouth?!

Yet, again, someone in the White House told someone to throw that arrogant bastard a lifeline. Instead.

It placed me in mind of an incident that occurred right after the first presidential candidates’ debate in the ’04 race. Two young-looking men, one white, one black, approached Kerry. Maybe they were two of his staffers. There seemed to be a familiarity. Anyway, Kerry shook hands with the white man then reached, it seemed, to touch, to pat the black man on the head. He stopped short and I believe, patted him on the shoulder. I wrote of it at the time for my newspaper, The Afro News, out of Western Canada. I tried to be fair. I asked for confirmation from observers in the community. I drew no hard conclusions.

I do now. Kerry’s body language, his gesture, his tone, at this latest incident in Pasadena can only force one conclusion. This is the face of ugly liberal ethno-classism.

For failing so to see, here come the early results, the consequences, for Republicans ….