Justin Trudeau in $250 Ladies Night of Sexism, Condescension, Pandering

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Let’s get the enormous elephant out of the room right off the top: can you just imagine if Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper did this? When you finish laughing, read on.

This is not made up on Photoshop or whipped-up like another Canada-mocking Washington Post-style satire piece (yesterday’s was excellent). This was taken directly from the Liberal Party of Canada web site. It’s an actual event, for real, not satire.

Appealing to women  —  exclusively  —  and doing so by portraying himself with (and/or his party’s) what is obviously a self-perceived dreamy sensuousness and good looks and his sexuality? What do we call this? Well first we call it hilarious idiocy, politically, but then we move onto the rampant sexism, and pandering to women, egoism, idol-worship, personality politics (contra substance), among other things. All that and more in one poster.

It’s the hypocrisy that gets me.

Smart women don’t buy into this kind of sexist, pandering, crap. So go ahead and read deeper. It’s obviously meant to appeal to the really easily-manipulated women. Nice.

I extend the logic: this is how he thinks of the electorate  —  well women, anyway. Easily manipulated, because they’re just so dumb. Like most liberals, socialists, and other progressives, he thinks he’s smarter than the rest of us, and we’re really just dumb clucks. He’s actually playing to that right here.

And so much for another phony Justin Trudeau canard  —  his fake appeal to the supposedly downtrodden “middle class” that he harps about incessantly, as if the millionaire-who-didn’t-earn-it really has a clue what “middle class” is  —  or cares. At $250 a pop for this exclusive (and that’s a key word, here) event, all of that BS about caring only about the “middle class” is out the window. Of course it clearly always was BS, as everybody in Canada except progressives and his fawning liberal mainstream (non-Sun News) media has noticed.

“What’s your favorite virtue?” What the hell does that even mean? It does sound like something a liberal would ask though.  Kind of in the same arena as “let’s start a conversation.”

“Who are your real heroes?” Dear God. (And actually, I’m pretty sure “God” won’t be suggested as hero #1  — unless they pronounce it “Justin”).

A night of “curiosity-inducing ideas”? What?! Again with the typical liberal cringe-inducing blather.

“What’s the biggest issue facing women?” How about “what’s the biggest issue facing anyone Canadians?” Why segregate and treat women as a protected class or a group that needs any big-brotherly protection. He must think women need his and his big government help because they can’t make it on their own. This really is at the root of the liberal-left, progressive mindset. This sexism of lowered expectation is at the root of liberal thinking and one of the root causes of their overt sexism, as seen here.

Disconnected much? Yeah, much. But moreover, he obviously doesn’t even have a clue how utterly disconnected he is with mainstream Canada. And given this level of condescension and pandering to women  —  he’s disconnected with even the hipsters and the other cools in the liberals’ trend-centric, politically-correct Canada.

So it’s a FAIL, and useful for the rest of us because it reveals so much about the character of liberals and Justin Trudeau.


 See my next post, which is related, as well.


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