Jagmeet Singh and the NDP hate the “ultra-rich.” Or at least they “hate” them.

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Just as the trans and gender ideology set are obsessed with sex and ensuring your children are too — in public schools and on Parliament Hill and everywhere they have control which, increasingly, is almost everywhere (that’s progressive!) — the NDP and Chairman Singh are obsessed with visions of the “ultra-rich” voodoo man dancing evil dances in their heads. They just hate those guys with a passion, and don’t mind expressing it every chance they get.

Of course in context, they seek to divide by every other means, so why not by class or income or wealth now, too? Well I’ll tell you why not: because inasmuch as there are approximately 13 “ultra-rich” people in Canada, or maybe fewer, this is very, very odd behavior. Irrational. So they wouldn’t do that.

Pausing for laughter.

And it’s odd not least because these days, the “ultra-rich” and giant corporations have evidently become predominantly woke leftist progressive ding-dongs, and who openly promote leftist ideology all day long and fund the bulk of the left-wing ideology in North America including all its hundreds of left-wing activist groups. And that includes the aforementioned trans ideology set.

So it’s strange but true. OK well “true” isn’t a word I should use in association with this whole deceptive ploy, but you know what I mean. Here’s an NDP email from today that alludes to these (13) hated, nefarious folks in Canada, followed by one from two days ago. I could probably go back and find dozens of others because they’ve been on this hate-fest for a while now. Here’s today’s:

And here’s the one from two days ago when he expressed his ever-so earnest fears (or “fears hahahaha suckers”), where he tried to spread the pseudo-fear by freaking his supporters out with another grand display of disinformation, including the notions that (a) climate change definitely caused the wildfires (no Science™ was footnoted for this “fact,” but one must follow the science only when most convenient, we’re sure you understand), and (b) the very, very evil non-NDP parties (read: Conservatives) were entirely to blame for global climate change (or the “climate crisis” as he mendaciously prefers, for that uber freakout ‘n fear effect), and (c) that the ultra-rich (here he calls them the “ultra-wealthy”) are the ones who are the very most evil in all the land, because they caused the fires too, or something something fossil fuel subsidies I am a socialist knob beep bop boop:

Don’t we have political contribution limits in this country? Why yes we do! Never mind that salient fact, though, you right-wing™ far-right™ right-wing extremist™ party-wrecker! We need to keep the lie alive! Your words are violence and you’re literally erasing us, etc.!

Singh and the NDP appear to think that a whole political party — and all of its members, shockingly few of which are “ultra-rich” despite referring above to “his ultra-wealthy donors” — are devoted entirely to serving the needs of these 13 people, some of whom or all of whom are also “Polilievre’s” donors (not donors to the Conservative Party of Canada, btw). They can’t donate more than 1650 bucks (barely enough to buy a bottle of scotch nowadays thanks to rampant inflation and taxation), but the richy-rich have accountants, you see. WHITE MALE accountants, so they get away with it! And they don’t donate to left-wing causes nope, but to conservative causes despite what you see going on all around you, don’t believe all the reports you’ve read they’re misinformation!

It’s confusing, try to keep up. The “ultra-rich” are the evil ones, that’s what matters for this moment. And ipso facto, the entire CPC membership and those who vote Conservative agree that they are voting to serve the needs of those ultra-rich evil-doer bastards who are changing the climate and causing forest fires. Among other things which we’ll mention in a further update if they are politically expedient to mention. Which makes them all (that’s me and maybe you!) evil bastards. The lot of them. (And this isn’t an example of bigotry, you “fascists!”)

For Singh and the NDP, this intense and irrational mistrust or suspicion seems to have brought on feelings of fear, anger, and betrayal. Oh look:

But my hilarity aside (oh my belly she aches by now), the word for this behavior is quite clearly delusional. And probably delusional paranoia sounds even cooler and more accurate but I’d defer to Dr. Jordan Peterson who’d have even choicer words I’m sure. In a word, it’s psychotic. And they make no bones of the fact that they intend to seek revenge — another sign that this is a psychosis — by taxing these (13) people especially high, in an utterly moronic, counterproductive, and probably unconstitutional bit of bullshit revenge-driven policy. To wit:

In fact, as we in the sensible set know, it’s all really just a bullshit marketing ploy. A political/propaganda device.

Not that this is good news: this marketing ploy fact is to the shame of the intellect of the woke progressive socialists — the members and voters of the NDP — because despite it being a phony phantom threat and a cheap-ass and really rather idiotic and vengeful marketing ploy, it apparently works on them! The party and leader keep using the device over and over as if trying to train monkeys. (Insert your own joke here.)

I could go to the old standby about Jagmeet Singh being among the few and near the absolute top of the true “power” set in Canada (which always kills me. He pretends to want to fight “the man,” but he literally is “the man!”), or talk about him being paid among the highest salaries and benefits packages in the Western world, or even about him being from a very rich family (“ultra-rich?”) and going to elite private schools and driving a fancy BMW and owning two Rolex watches and dressing in thousand-dollar suits which all socialists will have once socialism is REALLY tried. I’ll just point out this link here which saves me all that time. Time which I can use to get “utra-rich ‘n wealthy” and then go ahead and light a forest fire BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT WE DO:

Jagmeet Singh has two Rolexes, drives a BMW, went to American private school. Bernie Sanders gave 1% to charity.


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