Jagmeet Singh and the NDP at least respect the Conservatives’ chances of winning

The Jagmeet Singh NDP leftists literally don’t have any respect for the Conservatives, no. For a primer, here’s a real short article — with video — I posted on October 17, 2019:

Not divisive? Inclusive? Tolerant? Jagmeet Singh and NDP: “We don’t respect Conservatives, no.” – PTBC (proudtobecanadian.ca)

If you don’t want to go there here are his actual words:

Reporter: “So just to be clear, you would not respect, you know, if Andrew Scheer wins the most seats, you would not allow him to form government. You would oppose that.”

Singh: “We don’t respect Conservatives, no.” [hearty laugh from him, and uproarious clapping and laughter from everyone in the room]

Still smiling, he then went on to say “What I mean is…” but did not take back the intolerant and dare I say bigoted insult. He merely tried to rationalize why he felt that way. Which is what all weasels do.

Days later, when pressed on it (and only after Conservative leader Andrew Scheer was asked if he respected NDPers —and he said “yes of course”), Singh sheepishly admitted that he “felt bad” for saying that he “didn’t respect Conservatives, no” (all of his laughter at the time, and the laughter of his idiot colleagues notwithstanding). I didn’t believe him then, and I still don’t. I think he just hit up against some mild pushback and he cowed.

They all deny it but you have to know the Liberal/NDP coalition is scared of the Conservatives’ chances in the next election when you see endless tweets by Libs and dippers touting their love of free, unfettered, or even increased access to already voluminous free easily accessed abortions, and regurgitating their Conservative “hidden agenda” bullcrap for the 8,000th time, as we have seen. That’s one clue. (You’d think they’d find an original argument against Conservatives by now, but no. apparently they’re hard to criticize!)

Clearly for the NDP, the election isn’t against their progressive bedmates, it’s against the dreaded Conservatives. It’s their worst nightmare come true. So says the subject line of their latest email from yesterday, May 16, 2023.

Of course, the whole thing is also a ploy to get money out of the progressive far-lefties on the mailing list. Actually, literally every single thing that ever happens in Canada is used as another reason to pry more money out of lefties.

“…Every dollar raised before midnight on Thursday will go directly into the Blue vs Orange Battleground Fund to defeat Conservatives. Can you chip in $17 or more right now?… before the Thursday deadline…”

Recall, if you will, that the Conservatives aren’t even in power right now.

But they even have a name for the [capital F] Fund. The Blue vc Orange Battleground Fund to defeat Conservatives. (They forgot to capitalize the d in defeat.) And that $17 amount is very specific for some reason! But that’s exactly the number, folks. Or “Friends,” or whatever you are.

“This is how we defeat Conservatives, Friend. This is how we beat Pierre Poilievre.”

Ahh. It’s just that simple. No policy plans, no ideas, just fork over the cash, baby! (Coincidentally or not, that’s also exactly how they’d run the government. Hand over your tax dollars, plebs, shut up, don’t ask questions, trust us we know best, do it by Thursday.)

No word on how they might beat Justin Trudeau, who’s actually in government, or whether they even care to (because like what would be the difference between them anyway?). Possibly $13 will do it for that guy. Or whatever $13 is in Chinese money.

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