It’s it’s, not its. Geniuses.

News (sorry — “news”) media reporters, editors, owners — the whole lot of them — geniuses all — love to mock the average common guy. This is largely based on their false assumption that they are superior. Elites, above us all, smarter than thou.

They literally (and this is the rare, correct use of the term “literally”) mock those — even while reporting erstwhile news — when they spot some of us making even a dumb spelling mistake. This is especially true when they’re Trump supporters. They’re so stupid — because Trump-related reasons! They love to dump on us poor slobs who didn’t graduate with a degree in journalism or women and intersectional studies.

So when some frustrated folks lashed-out at Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnel down in the hideous, SO STUPID COMPARED TO CANADA United States, and spray-painted Pelosi’s and McConnell’s houses with the ever-so egregiously-misspelled and apostrophe-lacking “WERES MY MONEY,” well reporter Karen and editor Karen went to town (for those of you who went to Queens and graduated with your grand, advanced degree in environmental theology, or whatever, the correct spelling is WHERE’S —complete with the apostrophe).

Speaking of apostrophes, this is how well-paid, and, one would think, very highly educated (as well as being Canadian taxpayer-subsidized) editors and reporters — from that same newspaper — do their one job: they spell “ITS” wrong in a different headline. Like a bunch of dumb, average, common idiots who don’t have editors and social science degrees.

It’s IT’S, geniuses.

Joel Johannesen
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