“How to Think, You Dumbass Canook” - by the state-run CBC today.

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In an official state-opinion released today from Canada’s state-run media, the CBC,  at the web site division, official taxpayer-paid opinionator Neil Macdonald, long the glib Washington propagandist-in-chief for the state-run media in Canada, presents another little politics and social morals lesson, not unlike any of the Marxist school teachers or professors that dominate the totally state-run academia in Canada


will, today, from coast to coast. 

In the CBC’s case, though, this is in direct competition with me, an insanely stupid opinionated Canadian fool who competes with the CBC and its leftist propaganda and paid opinions through this ridiculous “ProudToBeCanadian.ca” (pathetic little title in many ways) web site effort, but of course I do it at my own rather huge expense, even while I pay for the state-opinions at the Godless, socialist, anti-everything-I-stand-for CBC with my taxes. 

(As my reward, the CBC once sent me an email warning me, and I quote:  “We will be monitoring your web site”, when they caught me doing the unthinkable—using a few seconds of “their” sacred (get it?!) TV footage which I’d videotaped for my famous damning video criticisms of them and liberals in general.  Then they officially threatened a massive lawsuit against me in which they’d (effectively) suck all my and my family’s money dry and basically ruin my life.  I skipped my singing of “O Canada!” that day, and haven’t felt right about singing it since.)

Today, the little lesson from the state is about the 2008 Presidential election in the United States (a country Neil Macdonald and the whole CBC just loves!), which is sure to bring fairness and objectivity for you dimwits who need taxpayer-paid opinion-makers to help you think the right —er left— way and form coherent thoughts.  Thanks to the benevolent state and its official opinion-formers for the plebeians for this, today: 

McCain’s big advantage is that he is likeable. He passes the “would-you-want-to-have-a-beer-with-him test.” The Arizona senator is a “moderate conservative,” a fellow with enough charm that even Democrats generally don’t despise him. Some probably even like him enough to vote for him.

A note here for Canadian readers: In the U.S., a conservative is considered moderate if he opposes abortion and gay marriage and supports the war in Iraq, but resists arresting all the country’s 11 million illegal immigrants and wants to place limits on torturing prisoners.

Macdonald’s apparent effort is to cast a bad light on anyone who isn’t “a moderate” conservative —which is to say not a “full-on” or “normal” conservative.  The implication by way of nuance is that President George Bush, who is a “non-moderate” conservative rather than a “moderate” conservative and whom I suspect Macdonald hates with a passion, along with all regular conservatives here or there for that matter, are not just against abortion and gay marriage (one is instructed here by way of subtle nuance to imagine that normal conservatives must have a “Nazi-like” distaste for abortion and gay marriage), but are in favor of arresting 11 million illegal immigrants (and that would be bad!).  And are also in favor of the unlimited torture of …wait for it… “prisoners”—just any old prisoners, by the way, which would include those Mexican illegals one supposes—not specifically Islamofascist terrorist prisoners who were caught seeking to destroy millions of American lives.  Sounds worse that way, you see. 

You see, you dumb canook, to reiterate, non-“moderate” Republicans want to arrest people who are in their country illegally—which is bad—and want to torture innocent


“combatants” in the “so-called” (™CBC) war on terror, without regard to rational, civilized, legal behavior, which could only be established by the elite know-it-alls like Macdonald. 

Got it?  Oh and in Canada, that poor Saddam, one reasonably imagines, is to be considered “a patriot”.  Again that’s “patriot”, and it’s George Bush who is evil.  Now you’re thinkin’ like a good Canadian CBC-luvin’ liberal! 

That’s how whacked-out the conservatives and Americans are, see. 

(And this bit amused:  “A note here for Canadian readers” …as if he has a global readership —snarf!.) 

Meanwhile, over at far, far fringe leftist Heather Mallick’s state opinion page (which belongs on this site instead which is ironically private enterprise), she informs us thusly today:

The gullibility of newspapers was on full display the day Stephen Harper shuffled his cabinet: Replacing Rona Ambrose with John Baird as environment minister made the front pages across the country.

“Aggressively clueless politician replaces same” should have been the headline. And Canadians should be skeptical.

[…] should be deeply cynical about Harper’s move.

[…] All I could think as Harper said his government would “do more” on the environment was what he has done so far: worse than nothing.

[…] He appointed know-nothing, do-nothing Ambrose to ridicule Kyoto targets.

[…] [New Conservative Environment Minister John Baird] …is a good yeller in the House of Commons, although he yells nothing productive or interesting or substantial…  Has he even done the most basic thing, watch An Inconvenient Truth? It’s a real shiv to the spinal cord, sir.

[…] I predict he will do nothing significant.

[…] For all that Ambrose was a failure and an international embarrassment, we must remember that she wasn’t out to please anyone but Harper. The same goes for Baird. In a weird, depressing way, she was a success. And he will be a success too by Tory standards. In 10 years, we’ll be playing beach volleyball on New Year’s Eve.

I smell a Pulitzer!  And I confidently predict a senate seat if Stephane Dion gets elected—or maybe the new Governor-General!

Yes this brilliance from the perspective of two asses working for the agenda-driven state-run media today which competes against its own citizens like me who are in opposition to their hideous left-wing and most often entirely stupid viewpoints. 

But gee, hey, what would we do without state-run media helping us form opinions?  I mean it’s not like private citizens can just think up stuff on their own, willy nilly! 

As always, let me as a plain citizen use this non-taxpayer-paid web site to try to counter the state (my state), which competes against me with taxpayer-paid opinions, to inform you with more common sense and free-world, non-communist objectivity than the arrogant and glib Neil Macdonald or the ingenius Heather Mallick, that state-run media should obviously be banned immediately in this country, and that ban should be enshrined as such in our Constitution.  While we’re waiting, state-run media opinions like the above should be reserved for North Korea and Iran—and actually in fact I’m obviously against it there too.

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