“‘Honk honk’ means ‘Heil Hitler'” — one of Trudeau’s new cabinet geniuses

Hailing back Harkening back to Feb 22, 2022, if you’ll excuse my use of a word beginning with “H,” we find a contemporaneous article of mine that included this gem, which you’d think might have provided a clue to those in power (the clue being: you may have a fly in your soup. Or a fruitcake in your soup. You make your own jokes).

This is a hot take from one of the shallow bench of Liberal Party MPs, Ya’ara Saks, who said these words in Parliament during the 2022 trucker convoy (also known as ‘an attempted coup’ or an ‘insurrection’ by ‘Nazis’ and ‘far right’ peoplekind ‘with unacceptable views’, or some sort of (non-Christian of course) ‘Armageddon’, to the progressives in politics, the “news” media, and the general prog population and others in the perpetually vaxxed and studious mask-wearing-even-outdoors set).

“…Honk honk, which is an acronym for Heil Hitler…” she told Canadians and the Parliament of Canada. Seriously.

Holy hell (not to be read as “heil Hitler”). What an unhinged peoplekind.

Not one single Liberal or any progressive called her out on this total Blödsinn. And now, little more than a year after obviously studiously investigating the alleged Hitlerian links —and finding exactly none, Justin Trudeau just promoted her to the cabinet.

As I said back then, any sensible person knows it’s extremely important to quash this sort of lunacy — particularly when it is said in our otherwise honorable house (not to be read as “heil Hitler”). Why? Because it’s not a loony bin, among other good reasons appreciated mostly by Jewish peoplekind.

(Note, dear progressives, as I know some will because they’re what scientists call “stupid,” that in the name of freedom, I think she should be “allowed” to say it —  and she ought not to even be charged with one of your beloved yet horrendous hate (not to be read as “heil Hitler”) crimes, it’s just that it should be called out in the loudest possible form. And mocked. And ridiculed. And denounced. By all those in a position to do so.

And then fired.

But not one single Liberal, liberal, progressive, or “news” media person (but I repeat myself, yadda) did so. And she wasn’t fired or kicked out of the Liberal caucus. No, Justin Trudeau saw fit to promote her, this hideous hauteur (not to be read as “heil Hitler”), to his cabinet. She’s now Minister of Mental Health and Addictions and Associate Minister of Health Ya’ara Saks.

Honk honk. No, in case you’re stupid, or you hate a good percentage of your countrymen, it was never meant to be read as “heil Hitler”. It was meant to be read as Wake up, Liberals. Wake up “news” media. And, alas, on that it apparently, sadly, failed.

Addendum: Just to be fair, I did search for any apology she may have offered or a retraction of her lunatic remarks. I found none. Ich bin schockiert.

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