HOLY CHRISTMAS! CBC commenters PUSH BACK on CBC/progressive/liberal political-correctness idiocy

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I started out writing this blog entry as just another item in one of my trademark multi-part, numbered, “newquips” entries — it was going to be “newsquip #1” for this morning, and it was going to read, simply,

1.  Actual headline featured on the front page of the nanny-state’s learnin’ ‘n media division, the ever so essential state-owned CBC:

“Outdoor holiday lights pose fall risk”

Oh OK, no problem, we hang CHRISTMAS lights at our house. 

I have a feeling folks like the CBC are really mostly concerned about the illuminated Star of Bethlehem lights like on the house in the video at right.  Or most anything that helps us celebrate Christmas.

You know, standard newsquip fare.

But Molly, I do believe we’re helping make a positive pro-Christmas and pro-sanity difference!  And so this deserves its own blog entry.

When I read some of the online comments at the state-owned media web site behind their stupid headline and story that I noted above, I was floored.  Here are some of them.  These are actual comments by the normally blinkered, CBC-nurtured, far-left CBC fans! 


What the f are holiday lights? If I offend ANYone by saying Christmas lights, Christmas tree, Merry Christmas, etc. than it sucks to be you. I will not shop anywhere that sells holiday trees, lights, decorations, etc. Even in the USA they are coming around and bringing back Christmas in their ads. If the word Chrismas offends you please feel free to ask your employer that you will work the HOLIDAYS at regular pay and let the people who are not offended enjoy the Christmas time off with their family and friends. PS Merry Chrismas to all.


Oh good. For a moment there I thought this story had something to do with the Christmas lights I just put up but apparently it only affects ‘Holiday lights’, whatever those are.


I suppose some nanny stater, supported by some Christmas-hater, will push for legislation banning the outdoor display of Christmas lights.

You know, to guarantee no one will get hurt – or insulted.

Why is this news?

Hang ‘em high, hang ‘em proud, but hang ‘em. I mean the Christmas lights.


This just in!!! Getting out of bed may cause falls and broken bones!! Making breakfast may lead to cuts, burns, fires, and even death!!

As a general statement toward this paranoid attitude society seems to have taken, in our ridiculous efforts to “prevent” every possible misfortune in life have sucked the life out of… well… life! Common sense… of course; follow it. But in all seriousness, if we all followed every “warning” or “safety recommendation” doled out by the likes of government bodies and the Canada Safety Council we’d simply lay in bed all day being fed sterile nutrient slurry in a tube. At least we’d all be “safe”.


This ultra-political correctness is so boring. We have become a lawsuit-fearing pack of whimps.


gliblib wrote: Thank god big brother is watching out for us

It might make more sense to thank big brother.


Holiday Lights ??



And yet no where in the article is the word CHRISTMAS !!


I don’t put up “holiday” lights or send “holiday” cards or buy “holiday” presents and I certainly don’t decorate a “holiday” tree. These are all CHRISTMAS activities and I don’t care who I offend by saying this. Remember that political correctness is saying one thing while thinking another. In other words, political correctness is nothing more than people lying to themselves for fear of being criticized. It is sad when honesty becomes a perceived liability.


Holiday lights? Oh, those must be what goes on a seasonal festive tree. A note to the writer – political correctness can be dangerous – you might get smoted by a deity who’s still pissed off about Sunday shopping in PEI.


I believe these risks could be eliminated by the following::

Mandatory training for anyone wishing to use a ladder.

Ladder purchase only possible if one has a gov’t issued ladder possession & acquisition permit.

A ladder registry whereby the RCMP could trace stolen ladders or to make sure they weren’t being loaned to untrained friends and neighbors.

Don’t get me started on the actual lights……….


HOLIDAY lights?? They’re CHRISTMAS lights. They’re not associated with Hannukah, Kwanza, or any of the other occasions that we’re being forced to abandon the C-word for.

I love the way merchants and officials use all the symbols of Christmas (decorated evergreen trees, Santa Claus, reindeer, lights, ornaments, ribbon etc. etc. etc.) and yet refer to it as “holiday”. If you can’t call it Christmas, don’t use Christmas imagery, OK?

I’m not religious, it has nothing to do with Christ for me beyond a manger scene for the kids, but it’s Christmas, pure and simple. Grow up.


tdot34 wrote:
“What are holiday lights… I don’t put up lights on the following holidays:”

“The only one I can think of is Christmas…. I am not even religious and I find this ridiculous”

At least they didn’t refer to it as “seasonally appropriate illumination” – which I have in fact seen.

There is however a lesson to be learned from this article:
November would be a good month in which to buy shares in private orthopaedic surgery clinics!


What are holiday lights… I don’t put up lights on the following holidays:

Victoria day
Canada day
BC day
Labour day
Remembrance day
New Years Day

The only one I can think of is Christmas…. I am not even religious and I find this ridiculous.



Outdoor holiday lights pose fall risk: CSA should be Outdoor Christmas lights pose fall risk: CSA


I never realized decorating was so dangerous. How come our government isn’t doing more to protect us from this very dangerous practice? There should be some tighter regulations on when you decorate and how high you can climb before you need a restraining device. Also, making people get a permit will allow local bylaw to properly monitor this to reduce injuries.


At the CBC.  Dear God. 

I might even go so far as to say my persistent, years-long badgering of the asses in the media like the far-left CBC, the public school teachers (religious clerics in the church of progressive politics), the mindless PC business owners and managers who have been suckered by secular progressives in other businesses and media and governments, the progressive politicians, and all the other sycophantic sheeple — especially those who are actually trying to help banish Christmas from our existence and replace it with strictly non-Christian, secular progressive, atheist, liberal-left, crap-a-palooza fest that they yearn to call “the holidays” and “happy-tree fest” and

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