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Home Canada Harper Conservatives make *ACTUAL* “investment”: funds warship-building… AT HOME!

Harper Conservatives make *ACTUAL* “investment”: funds warship-building… AT HOME!

The headline read: “Feds announce $35 billion shipbuilding strategy” and naturally I thought oh nyet! —another “investment” move by The Tories, as opposed to conservatives! 

As we know, when a progressive — as opposed to a conservative — government speaks of “investment”, it is of course really just the progressives’ code-speak for (1) government taking your money and spending it to enlarge the government until it is in complete power and control over every facet of your lives;  (2) ‘spread the wealth’ from the folks who earned it to the folks who did not, à la Karl Marx (seen at right); and (3) social-engineer the country on account of the folks being too stupid and constantly at risk of spending their own money on beer and popcorn if they’re allowed to keep it, à la Scott Karl Marx Reid, as seen at left when he accidentally revealed part of the Liberal’s secret progressive beer and popcorn prevention (and “early learning” —wink!) agenda. 

But I was mostly wrong on this one.  The idea here is to ensure that our near-decrepit navy’s warships, which the Liberals purposely allowed to rust-out, will not only be replaced and replenished, but also built here in Canada instead of in Europe or other places.  And they’ll hire private contractors to do it. 

It’s like I’m in Heaven. 

The CTV reports:

Feds announce $35 billion shipbuilding strategy

The Canadian Press
Date: Thu. Jun. 3 2010 5:30 PM ET

OTTAWA — The federal government has outlined a new shipbuilding strategy that will cost at least $35 billion and take 30 years to complete.

Defence Minister Peter MacKay says he expects to sign agreements with two shipyards within two years to build 28 large vessels and 100 smaller ships for the navy and coast guard.

“This is, indeed, an historic moment for Canada,” MacKay told a defence industry trade show on Thursday. “The national shipbuilding procurement strategy is a major step forward.”

The program will produce equipment that is essential to the Canadian Forces, he said.

Two shipyards will be chosen “through a fair, transparent, competitive process to build the large vessels required by the coast guard and navy.”

“We expect to have signed agreements with these shipyards within two years, which should clear the way toward contracts for large-vessel projects that the navy desperately needs,” he said.

The state-owned CBC, which is itself a mammoth, massive government “investment” (—wink!) and which has yielded horribly negative returns on “investment”, was forced by necessity to report this bit:

“…construction work will be subcontracted to the broader marine industry and its suppliers, [Conservative Public Works Minister Rona] Ambrose said.”

All we have to do is ensure that it is done that way — privately — and not by government workers à la Karl Scott Reid Marx.

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