Gov-General Julie Payette abdicates her throne

Aww, she was so dang qualified.

National Post: 
GG Julie Payette and Rideau Hall’s top bureaucrat resign in wake of damning workplace review

And so is Payette’s former boss Mr. Trudeau. So, so obviously qualified.

More on this when I stop laughing.

OK a bit more now: Has the Queen been informed? No, not Chrystia Freeland, I mean Elizabeth II.

Is this going to be called a “constitutional crisis” by our trusty news media? Payette-Gate? Trudeau Crisis-Gate? Trudeau Losing Women-Gate? Or maybe just something named after Trrrrumpp?!

Trudeau’s Toronto Star division takes to the story using this bizarre, Big, HaYUGE, Black, Monster Mask picture of Payette for some weird mask-loving reason.

The Globe and Mail to the rescue… of women? Of Trudeau? Who the hell knows. For their blessed part, they take to the story accompanied by no less than six (SIX) “news” stories on women in the workplace and how hard done by they are, immediately below the new story on Payette dethroning herself. Its like they had them at the ready. Look!

      1. Why don’t women advance through the corporate world like men do? Seven reasons why, and three women’s stories
      2. There are decades of research explaining why there aren’t as many women in the highest circles of corporate power
      3. Women are outnumbered and outranked at Canada’s vital public institutions, Globe analysis finds
      4. This is the Power Gap: Explore the investigative series and data
      5. We set out to expose pay disparity, but found it went deeper than money
      6. How we did it: A look at how The Globe collected and analyzed salary data for the Power Gap

Hey here’s a thought: Payette for PM! Perhaps Justin and her could just trade jobs. OK how about Jody Wilson-Raybould for GG? Sophie Grégoire Trudeau? Hey I know, another CBC or CTV “star” news anchor/personality! Female, duh! Those news media types are all super dooper. Rosie Barton! She’s terrific. Hey I know, Marci Ien! She’s super woke!

I’ve been reliably informed by my masters on state-owned CBC and liberalvision CTV that (at least according to the Liberal and leftist commentators and talking heads) we must not make this political… meaning it’s obviously a political DISASTER for the Liberals, and so, thus, therefore, we must SHUT UP. IT’S NOT POLITICAL. So let me get political for a minute: Justin Trudeau and the Liberals DUMPED the very good advisory panel set up by the Harper government, called the Advisory Committee on Vice-Regal Appointments. Trudeau Dumped it for pure partisan political reasons, political hackery reasons, liberal politics, more liberal politics, and pure Liberal Party politics. And because he thought he personally knew better, and he could do a better job of vetting the GG all by his wise old self. Or maybe to ensure that some woke liberal woman got the job. And that’s how we got this disaster of a GG, Julie Payette. It’s political.

But at least we don’t have to talk about Trudeau’s Covid-19 vaccine disaster for a day or two or as long as the media can keep this relatively hilarious crisis going as a distraction.

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