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Want some great Sunday politics reading?  Aside from here?  You got it.  And it’s all Sun Media columnists.  All of today’s best reads are (here, and) in Sun newspapers today. 

The first one you need to read of course is member of our columnist team Paul Jackson, in our Columnist section.  It’s called Grit Free Zone.  Has a nice ring to it.

Then tootle over to this column by another favorite of mine, Licia Corbella at Paul Jackson’s paper, the Calgary Sun.  Hers is called Ruse of gigantic proportions, and people, she is right on the mark on this.

[…] During the 10-day United Nations Climate Change Conference that wrapped up on Friday in Montreal, a Greenpeace staffer said something so idiotic and implausible that not one of the 10,000 delegates called him on.

“Global warming can mean colder, it can mean drier, it can mean wetter, that’s what we’re dealing with,” said Steven Guilbeault, the director of the Greenpeace movement for Quebec.

So now that colder means warmer basically, anything goes. […]

And it’s a hat trick.  Still at the Calgary Sun, another favorite columnist, Ted Byfield toes my pro-Christmas line and drives the point home—for the holidays, if you will.  It’s called Price to pay for abolishing Christmas

Still with Christmas—on my side and yours—is the Toronto Sun’s Lorrie GoldsteinCall it Christmas, Paul, he says, and he explains why “deer” (spelling intentional) Paul doesn’t—extremely well.  Great read.  And it might even leave you thinking about it for the rest of the day and I hope you will. 

When Prime Minister Paul Martin just couldn’t bring himself to utter the word “Christmas” last Sunday while out buying a Christmas wreath, I chuckled and put it down to another example of political correctness run amok.

But a wise friend of mine had a better phrase to describe it.

He called it an example of “the inversion of tyranny.”

More about that in a moment, but for those of you who missed it, Martin was purchasing a Christmas wreath for his family farm last week with the media in tow for the requisite photo-op. After he had made his choice, a reporter jokingly asked him, while the news cameras were rolling, whether it was “a Christmas wreath or a holiday wreath.”

Simple question. Martin’s reaction? You know how a deer looks when it’s caught in the headlights just before a truck hits it? That’s what our 21st prime minister looked like.

After a few moments of uncomfortable silence in which you could see Martin struggling to come up with a safe, inoffensive and politically correct answer, he finally blurted out: “It’s a $240 wreath!” Ha, ha, ha.

How sad. Our prime minister, a grown man of 67, a Christian (Catholic) and a successful businessman before he entered politics, can’t bring himself to utter the word “Christmas” in the context of buying his own family a Christmas wreath. To be sure, it’s a fitting punishment for him, because no political party in Canada, with the possible exception of the NDP, worships more at the shrine of political correctness than the Liberals.  […]

I’m pointing to The Toronto Sun’s Linda Williamson for the second time in a couple of weeks, this time for this good column today:  Shameless, expedient politics.  She’s a gun convert!  I love people who see the light and can explain their conversion so well.  They’re often the best people to talk.

[…] And now Martin, in the face of a gun-crime problem that has plagued Toronto and other cities for the past few years, has suddenly announced that his answer is to ban all handguns—including legally registered ones, some of which will be confiscated. Looks like the “gun nuts” were right! […]

And finally, Tom Brodbeck once again writes with great clarity on a subject that liberals are muddying to the best of their ability.  It’s the child care debate, which shouldn’t even be a debate.  He says Let’s set record straight on child care.  And he does.

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