God bless the victims of 9/11; and the soldiers; and the President who fought to prevent another

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I also think positive thoughts about all the other national political leaders who have supported President Bush’s grand and spot-on goal of immediately taking the fight to the enemy, on our terms, and on our time table, rather than letting the savage Islamofascist terrorists continue to take it here under theirs.

Especially those who have vowed to never give up.  To never quit.  To never say “we’ve done enough”.  To those who never ask, as the state-owned CBC did yesterday as their own way of paying tribute to the Canadians heroes fighting the war in Afghanistan, “IS MISSION STILL WORTH IT?”  To those whose “exit strategy” is nothing less than winning, period, full stop.  To those who don’t place idiotic, artificial timetables and obtuse “end dates” on war in order to be obsequious to the “progressive” fringe cult, and the demands of the vacuous left-wing, liberal-left feel-good idiotocracy —in order to garner their depraved votes.

And as for those “leaders” and their moral compass-deficient followers who constantly cast aspersions on that goal, like the CBC and other liberal media and nearly all liberal and further left politicians who constantly question the noble goals and those who worked to protect us all (and yet constantly seek — to this very day — to prevent the tough questioning of the terrorists responsible), there’s still time, thank God, and thanks to President Bush who kept America safe following 9/11 for the duration of his entire two terms, to see the egregious error of your ways.  To wake up, to sober up, to get real, to drop the political charade, to stop the political posing, and to properly join our side.  The right side.  The side of freedom. 

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