Globe & Mail’s liberal smugfest for Monday Nov 21 2016

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[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ome of the featured headlines on the liberals’ Globe and Mail division just scream “I’m a liberal and you should be too, and here’s why.” Actually, most of them do. And most of them aren’t even “news,” they’re opinions (they’re not even remotely described as opinions pieces, but they absolutely are), or they’re dubbed as so-called “analysis” — which is G&M code for liberals’ negative opinions on what Trump is doing or plans to do, disguised as “serious news.” 

Here’s a multi-part slam for your Monday reading:

1. This one is a particularly smug entry from today’s liberal indoctrination media: It makes sensible people say “duh,” and the more fed-up among us also say “shut the F up” before we actually gag:

“Women have a right to be heard and respected?” You don’t say, genius.

Here’s a headline; Liberals have a predilection to wag their finger and tell us idiots (that’s you ‘n me!) how to think and behave proper-like!

The gag reflex is naturally triggered among us normalfolk whenever a liberal exercises his compulsion to smugly instruct us stupids as to the basic nature of life and of our country and yo, our entire human civilization. The headline and the whole article implies that there is a substantial number of us who don’t believe that “women have a right to be heard and respected.” How a person in his position (he’s a creative writing professor and author) could so misunderstand Canada and its soul, and believe that this is a “thing” in any country aside from Saudi Arabia or Yemen, is, well… absolutely predictable!

His finger-wag is utterly hideous. And the piece is hideously written, despite the writer’s credentials.

Don’t take my word for it. Read some of the readers’ comments. Not that the Globe will grab a clue. They’ll double-down on the liberal smugfest as Trump takers over the reigns of power from the liberals.

2.  Liberals aim to end all coal use (because it sounds cool) – and the Globe and Mail uses the opportunity to once again attempt to mock Trump, unwittingly mocking themselves in the process.

The headline is a triumph for liberals, even though the Conservatives before them already enacted stringent but workable coal-use deadlines. But the G&M couldn’t resist trying to take a dig at Donald Trump because science. Or something.

The long-promised Liberal plan comes as U.S. president-elect Donald Trump vows to resurrect the coal industry in the United States by rolling back the Obama administration’s environmental and climate regulations.

Trump intends no such thing, actually, merely to roll back regulations generally, and end most of the dumb-assery enacted under Obama — especially the myriad totally asinine examples. As science and all of human history actually proves, people don’t have to be told what to do, how to think, or how to behave —  at least not nearly to the extent that liberals believe. Next sentence in their liberal-luvin’ article:

It’s unclear, however, whether utilities will reverse the trend away from coal in favour of cheap natural gas and renewable technologies that are increasingly cost competitive.

What? People (and therefore utilities) are already moving away from coal? Well that would seem to negate the need for all these stringent regs, then, no? Golly whodathunk it? Turns out people who aren’t stupid tend to do what’s most intelligent and most cost-effective and most efficient. It’s what humans do. Liberals do not understand this, thinking that they must command us stupids, as some sort of a moral or do-gooder obligation.

And trust a liberal to enact big government regulations forcing people to do what they were already embarked on doing, just so they can take credit for it and feel good about themselves for doing so. Next headline I expect to see: The Trudeau Liberals announce new regulations forcing car companies to invent hybrid vehicles.

3. Nothing warms a liberals’ heart more than abortion (and yeah, do go ahead and spot the irony within that).

They’re “terribly excited” about this, if I could join them in using quotes around things they think are “hilarious,” like abortion being a “grave sin.” They have TWO features about this on their page: Another one is a video — a “MUST WATCH” — because they’re so excited about it. Note that before you get to the actual video, you’ll be hit with a Viagra ad first, which I figure they planned as a part of their smugness onslaught, because they’re liberals and that’s largely what it’s all about):

The caption “Pope Francis allows all priests to forgive abortions“? The G&M gleefully casts it as if the Pope were issuing a free pass for abortions. Don’t worry! You’re forgiven! So no probs!  That’s not true. That’s wish-casting, not newscasting. So take a cold shower, libs.

5. Even though Obama failed in most every regard, he’s still going to be missed (insert heart emojis!), because guess what! Trump is gonna be even worse, y’all!  <<#Science!>>  Yes this “analysis” (meaning another pro-Obama, anti-Trump screed) is the main feature presented at today’s G&M:

After some obligatory introductions speaking to the article’s own importance, the analysis writer, Konrad Yakabuski, begins his analysis by letting Obama off the hook, and… blaming Bush (!) — and note this aside: blaming Bush will continue throughout the Trump era, but blaming Obama will never occur to them:

Mr. Obama’s predecessor left a hot mess. In 2008, Americans were demoralized by endless wars, the economy was in free fall and the rest of the world had never viewed the United States so unfavourably. Mr. Obama ended the wars, did what any president would to stabilize the economy and, at first, vastly improved America’s image abroad.

Jeffrey Simpson (for subscribers): As his time winds down, Obama draws rightful recognition

Gary Mason: Obama’s imperfections already fading

Sarah Hampson: Michelle Obama’s legacy as a model of a modern political spouse

His personal conduct also set a shining example for leaders everywhere. He was unfailingly gracious and graceful, uncommonly generous and inspiringly humane. His White House has been a drama-free, scandal-free operation. His appointees have been qualified professionals…

Holy face lick. Have so many Obama-luvin superlatives ever been strung together in one article? And notice all the other suggested reading the G&M plops right in there, mid-“anaylsis.” Yes, they’re all still more Obama face licks. All of those are opinions too, of course, although once again, none of them are labelled as such.

While treading dangerously close to criticizing his man Obama on several of the most key issues related to, you know, the job of being U.S. president, which actually speaks to his ultimate failure as a president, this is how Yakabuski ends his “analysis:”

So, will America and the world miss Mr. Obama? Given what comes next, the answer is most probably “yes.”

Nice “analysis” for the future. Sounds like those climate change computer model predictions. I can only imagine what future “analyses” will bring, given his predilections about Obama and Trump. They’re sure to be objective analyses, cast as news.

Lest there are any doubts about the world “missing” Obama, here’s another featured G&M “news’ story proving that we will all universally in fact miss Obama — and there will be an onslaught of these in the coming weeks:

Well if Trudeau… So it’s confirmed then.


There are all sort of other examples. I could go on all day.

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