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Freedom wins in Federal Court today, thanks to Canada’s new civil liberties organization

Election debate media coverage rights — the court case today:
Got to hand it to Ezra Levant and his Rebel News

Quick aside here: I love how the state-owned CBC tweets about it as if the CBC were above the political fray, and as if they aren’t themselves best described as “left-wing”:

So these journalists will be afforded the “privilege” of covering — I’m kidding — that’s what the government lawyer actually called it; no it is of course the right to attend the debate as a media organization, to cover it live, and attend the media scrum afterwards, and then write about it and make videos about it, just like the state-owned and clearly left-wing CBC, the Liberal-advocating newspaper the Toronto Star, al Jazeera, and sundry communist media agents (literally!), who were all accredited by Canada’s big government, while Rebel News and True North were not.

I think this captures the shock I had when I read that this was said in court:

The full written decision will be presented next week, and it will be great reading.

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