Feminist Woman-Lover Jagmeet Singh Wants To “Shoo The [woman!] Minister Out Of The Way.”

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen — and those who “identify” as ladies (but aren’t really!) and those who “identify” as men (but aren’t really!)!

Let’s play that age-old game!

Yes that’s right it’s time once again for another round of play! Of course every five minutes it’s time for another round of play, but we’ve only got so much time!

This time we have Jagmeet Singh from the socialist or possibly Marxist “NDP” (they’re “democratic” socialists — wink!), casting shade at his political bedmate Justin Trudeau of the so-called “Liberal” party (spoiler alert on the party name: they’re not even remotely liberal!). Let’s get started.

Rising in the House to pretend he gives a shit about the big public sector union (AKA “the NDP’s sugardaddy”) and its workers who are currently engaged in the largest public sector union strike in history whose tactics include mobbing Parliament Hill and closing bridges and other economically-necessary infrastructure; and only minutes after Singh led the, um, insurrectionists (am I doing this right?) in a chant of “SHUT IT DOWN!” in his effort to shut down his ever-so beloved Canada (because, evidently, he thinks this is proper decorum, and a rational, grown-up, and and not-at-all-extremist behavior for a party leader to exhibit), Singh said this (quiet in the audience please!):

“When will the prime minister wake up, shoo his minister out of the way, do his job, and intervene?!!!!^#^%)(&”

The prime minister, a self-described “feminist” — well not JUST a feminist but Ye Feminist Of All Get-Out — Justin Trudeau, who fancies himself more a woman than a man if I’m not mistaken, failed to even notice the slight against women, or the woman he appointed to Treasury Board President, Mona Fortier, who Singh said should be “shooed” away — I imagine like a rat, a fly, or a common trucker, or a conservative-tolerant news media reporter.

But of course that’s not the whole game! There’s more! The game includes imagining what would happen if a Conservative MP said it! So let’s imagine!

  • A 6-part segment on the state-owned CBC about how conservatives and Conservatives are very much like Hitler and the Nazis in the 1930s and early 40s when they tried to eliminate the Jews, only now, see, the only difference is it’s not Jews so much — well them too, probably — but mostly women (and men who think they’re women) [fact-check: they’re not women —ed];
  • The liberalvision CTV would host another ever-so-balanced political panel of “experts” consisting of a reliably left-wing “academic,” a further left and probably Marxist associate professor who thinks it’s all even worse than that last guy (or guy pretending to be a gal) thought it was;
  • The Liberals’ Toronto Star and Globe and Mail divisions would team up (“it takes a village” to overthrow freedom!) and denounce and trash the conservatives and every single person who ever voted that way… with being a “bigot,” times infinity.
  • And of course every reporter would tweet about it, and then retweet it 80 times per day —even though they “hate Twitter” and, in fact, they “quit last month” but just had to come back in light of these Conservatives “threatening democracy” “and our institutions” and “exterminating women” by “shooing them away.”

Time is running out folks so we’re going to have to declare a winner, so… You lose! You always lose! That’s the whole idea, see? You cannot win because the game is rigged and  it’s totally f-ed up.

Thanks for playing!

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