Fact Check: Trudeau’s state-owned CBC shilling for Trudeau

Fact check: SHILLING

Check this garbage out (and I mean not just the tweet. The article is pure garbage):

CBC, now do:

♥ “Conservative Hidden Agenda” for twenty + years
♥ SNC-Lavalin multilevel corruption and lies
♥ An credibly alleged coverup of the corruption, yet to be investigated
♥ “No deficits after 2018”
♥ Verbally lied to media and Canadians about multiple issues
♥ Raising taxes on middle class, but claiming he lowered them
♥ Calling out good Canadians as “racist” then getting caught in racist dress up four times
♥ Calling himself a feminist but bullying, then firing women for not toeing his line
♥ Calling himself a champion of the indigenous, yet firing them and failing them in every way
♥ “Climate emergency” alarmists using two jets for campaign
♥ Promise to end FPTP, but gave up inexplicably
♥ A complete inability to answer questions, choosing instead to obfuscate on everything (see this—OMG)

♥ Etc., ad nauseam

And see this:

Trudeau: We promise we won’t tax your house 50% — or run deficits, and etc.


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