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Even far-left Toronto Star readers agree: gov funding of “gay pride” is not a core function of gov

When even these folks agree with the common sense* (if years late) position taken by the Conservatives, the left and far left may have a problem.

As all sensible people including actual conservatives know, government funding of any special interest, or (wink) “festival”, or “celebration” (wink wink), or any other ugly, idiotic, pornographic display of half-naked or fully naked douchebags marching down public streets — or any other such moronic and left-wing politically-tainted astro-turf events — should not be funded with our tax dollars as if that’s a core function of government and my duty as a Canadian citizen. 

If people can’t “celebrate” or “express themselves” and their “pride” without government aid and our taxpayer cash, well then what we have here is GREECE.  Or North Korea. 

“Common sense” is of course scientifically translated by the utterly intellectually dishonest asses in the “gay pride” community as “homophobia”.  To wit:  gay pride spokesman Tracey Sandilands said, “So the only thing it can be is some kind of homophobia. I mean, it makes sense.”  Yeah.  That’s the “ONLY thing” it could be.  That “makes sense” only to a complete idiot, or an outright liar.

And I love how the Toronto Star even put that sentence in its own paragraph —no doubt to make it stand out.

I’m starting to suffer from Total BS-ophobia.

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