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Now that the voting is over and the ballots finally counted in the latest example of mail-in vote fiascos, I will reveal that I voted for Leslyn Lewis. In fact my ballot looked exactly like Saskatchewan and how they voted. I think Saskatchewan copied me. Either way, we’re obviously super smart.

Leslyn Lewis amazed me. She amazed lots of people.

Lots of Canadians are asking of the “news” media today, why didn’t you tell us anything about Leslyn Lewis who looked poised to take this thing after that first disastrous ballot for McKay? Like, we don’t even know who she is, dude!

The Canadian “news” media failed — which was all the more ironic as they snickered all night last night at the Conservatives’ vote-counting woes, which were not their fault. The media literally ignored her hoping she’d go away, but she didn’t go away. The CBC finally profiled her —TWO DAYS BEFORE THE VOTING DEADLINE! They had to more fully acknowledge and explain who she was, in the end — literally the end, as in when the vote counts were being read out last night. It made them look like total idiots. Perfidious idiots.

An now she has earned a very special place in politics. I’d like to think she can do whatever she wants or asks to do. Certainly new Leader Erin O’Toole should find a special commission or some important assignment to work on so she doesn’t have to scramble and run for a seat during a pandemic. There is time for that. She can and should be a commanding force in the Party.

Derek Sloan also did better than most expected, and he too should command more respect than he got from many, including many Conservatives.

I was relieved Peter MacKay didn’t win, because we already have a liberal party, or two, or three. No need for another one. I prefer a conservative alternative. It’s good for the country to have an option other than woke idiocracy.

As for Erin O’Toole, I implore him to follow my advice and drive the narrative — don’t let the “news” media’s self-anointed elites drive it for you. (Read this excellent article!: Control your narrative; or the partisans of the liberals’ “news” media will.) As a matter of fact, that advise goes for all Conservative MPs, including those who ran but didn’t win; and for all conservatives generally. Be in charge of our own narrative from now on. We can no longer afford to allow the liberals in the media and the various liberal-left parties (but I repeat myself) define us and put us on the defensive. It’s a new day.


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