Eat *what* now?

When you dare to make statements defending science, these days, or even normal, sound principles that we’ve observed for centuries or more — especially if they’re about protecting kids from the trans cult, or they’re tinged with the taint of “conservative,” it sometimes rouses the hard-left to express their love, tolerance, and compassion. To wit:

Aside from his very obscure Twitter handle — “Abolish Police” — which gives us no clues as to his philosophy of life, his Twitter profile helps explains things somewhat, stating only (using caps for some reason) that “Black Lives Matter,” and “Free Abortion on Demand.” This couldn’t be more clear. He’s a conservative — or what the “news” media call a “far-right extremist.”

Hilarity aside, of course he couldn’t have made his left-wing bona fides more clear unless he added “trans women are women!” and the ubiquitous “end capitalism!” (but capitalized again for some reason). He is another hard-left dogmatic extremist who, quite possibly, if he’s like others of this ilk, won’t likely accept anything being said publicly that doesn’t align with and even advance his leftist, progressive, woke worldview, lest he be forced to violently riot and rob stores (after first shouting “you suck, fascists!”).

This cuisine recommendation from the hard left came after I got up this morning and quickly replied to a CTVNews (or CTV “News”) tweet as follows:

Well my “likes” notifications started lighting up before my first coffee. And that drives people on the hard woke left absolutely batty (not the coffee thing, the likes). Bad enough I dare to tweet something counter to their cult (and now I’m allowed to on Twitter thank God, which, post-Musk, they’re still trying to get used to but can’t, and can’t stomach the freedom of speech), but to get hundreds of likes — well it’s (to use their inane words) literally violence to them. Thus that cuisine menu was so elegantly presented to me.

A few seconds later he blocked me. Because nothing says “dialogue” and what’s the phrase they always use… “have a conversation,” like blocking me immediately after insulting me with his adolescent and ever-so-tolerant bullshit.

Then another sound argument was made. (You knew it wouldn’t end there, right?)  Hard to argue with this logic:

Well Bob (@JC_in_Rothesay), that didn’t clarify much at all! Except of course that you’re in the same cult as Mr. Abolish Police (@awartham). (He also didn’t learn English very well, at least punctuation. I would have put a dash after “Fuck off,” or split that mess into two sentences. 😉 )

Bob Loblaw did go ahead and “like” that first one about the perverted cuisine suggestion though. They’re in the same cult. I think it’s a rule. In fact, they’re a close-knit group and they all came out, as it were, to chime in with their objection to my literal violence.

This next guy wants to keep tabs on me. I expect I’ll hear from him in the future! If “Canadian(?) Fascists” even have a future!:

After about the 420th “like” that my tweet got, Mrs “Ellen Musk” chimed in with a two-fer, the first of which I responded to correct “her,” the second of which I reported to Twitter and will not show you because it’s literal, actual, violently grotesque and of a sexual nature. This trans and gender ideology is about sex, isn’t it — and kids?):

I imagine PTBC will have another “increased attack rate” warning this evening! But you gotta fight this garbage cult, or religion, or political ideology, or whatever this evil is.

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