In the week that saw the release of studies confirming longstanding links between teen marijuana use and the onset of schizophrenia, our federal Liberal party released its own teen-loon, schizo-exec Young Liberals Vice-President Thomas Hubert, who referred to Israel as “the most vile ‘nation’ in history.” And yes, the 17-year old crackpot did put the word “nation” in quotes in his e-mail, as in “If Israel can be called a nation in the first place.”

Incidents that have happened in and around that unspeakable act of unspeakable language help to explain how we came to be subjected to such an assault in the first place. The lessons for raising youth with balanced minds are larger than a cracked ideology of induced stupidity.

First, a federal Liberal MP teamed with two others who need not be specified, in unsolicited campaigns on behalf of terrorist Hezbollah – going all the way to that savage group’s home-base in Lebanon to make the case – belligerently demanding that the group be removed from the Canadian, if not the entire Western terror list.

So federal NDP leader Jack Layton took the next logical, lunatic step, arguing that the Taliban, no less, that uniquely gynocidal agent of latter-day genocide, must be viewed as “fundamental” in negotiations for peace and stability in Afghanistan.

And Layton is on a roll. He just endorsed the overwhelming endorsement of his cabal at their policy convention in Québec, calling for immediate abandonment of our Afghan Mission, immediate withdrawal of our troops from our national commitment.

That NDP convention was to debate resolutions accusing Israel of “targetted murder” across imperialist domination of occupationist colonialism in Palestinian lands.

But! Don’t accuse these loons of extremist aspersions. They removed a statement from a resolution that referred to Canadian troops as “acting like terrorists.”

But!! Layton, again, belligerently refused to condemn any of that language.

What else do you expect from a teen-loon Liberal, exposed to such bewildering unreason? Hubert started out in the NDP (surprise!) rising rapidly to campaign manager and riding president – at just 16.

His father and the local media now say, “he’s just a kid.”

With that kind of accountability – or lack thereof – never mind what manner of profound ignorance has been his pablum, I say again: the real wonder is that we have any kids at all not mired in complete crackhead idiocy.

So successful has been NDP and (growing) Liberal conflation of our Afghan Mission on the one hand, with the war to liberate Iraq, on the other, that a new poll needs to be commissioned immediately.

We must ask Canadians but one simple question:

Did federal NDP leader Jack Layton just urge immediate withdrawal of Canadian troops from Iraq, and only Iraq?

And remember, it’s not Iran/Iraq, just in case you were inclined to excuse confusion. Our participation in Afghanistan, passed under the federal Liberals, was well cemented before the Iraq debate gathered. There was no mass confusion, then. It cannot be explained away now. Except in terms of something that is nothing less than a diabolical perversion of language, logic and plain reality.

Even Hubert, in his moment of mortification, gave it all away. He said that he was “trying to get adjusted to the ‘kind of language’ that was appropriate for the Liberal party.”

Language? As in, something simply slipped, but his actual ugly attitude toward Israel is not the problem, then? He just needs to find better linguistic Teflon to give it a Clintonian cover? This is the “boy” who referred to Jews as a “community” of “absurdly selfish” creatures who defend a “ ‘state’ that survives on the blood of innocent people.”

And yes, again, the “boy” put the word “state” in quotes, again, as in “If you can call the Jewish State a state in the first place.”

What we have here is some deep-structure stupidity that transcends all manner of language.

Yet as quickly as the fuss started, our media made sure the smoke cleared. After all, we wouldn’t want to destroy the future of the “natural governing party of Canada.”

I’m even surprised that the kid had to “resign.” So what I need to do now is to take you back a fair bit, back to the exact place where the precocious punk got his very specific language, in order to remove all doubt about the Liberal legacy of New Hate and Deconstructed Intolerance. You need to know the precise nature of the danger of exposing your children to liberals.

Voltaire. Rousseau. Montesquieu. The 18th Century superstars, the unholy trinity of the so-called Enlightenment. They flourished in France, which gave them their odd title: philosophes (thinkers). But the History of Ideas has properly downgraded the philosophes from philosophers. Philosophes just aren’t deep enough, they’re not thorough in their jumble of eccentric creativity. They slap too many wild ideas together, they simply don’t probe well enough. They miss the mark: philosophers-manqué. They fall short, they’re lacking.

But there is nothing lacking in the savage way they put together prevailing notions of The Jewish Race and Nation.

Especially Voltaire. Voltaire of the Jew whose mother “commerces” with goats. Voltaire of the “barbarous” Jews who “immolate” their children. “Anthropophagous”: Man-Eater. Cannibal Jew.

This is not generic European anti-Semitism. This is endemic French ignorance. This is the anthropophaginian source of teen-lib Thomas Hubert’s Israel that survives on the blood of innocent people.

It has, you see, come right down to our own day. To our own ungodly trinity that went on that terror-hugging mission to Lebanon. One of the three, Bloc Québécois MP, Maria Mourani, who is said to be of “Lebanese descent,” referred to classification of Hezbollah as terrorist and Canadian support of Israel as “Canada’s shame.”

Now it was unequivocal support for Israel in the recent attack by Hezbollah that started to draw down federal Conservative numbers, particularly in Québec.

All the more reason why we must fight savagely to articulate aspirations against old hate in terms of our overall Middle East mission, addressing Canadians, in and out of Québec.

Otherwise, we assume that what Voltaire hath put together no genius or good will can take apart.

Then what exactly are we to do – in and out of Québec? Cough up Israel?

Loon-lib punks like Thomas Hubert are choking on old hate like kittens on a fur ball. We need to tell them flat out that we can no more cough up Israel than we can cough up the entire enterprise of humanity and Civilization.