Have you heard? Have you heard the news? President Bush cussed out Hezbollah. At the conclusion of the recent G-8 Summit in St. Petersburg, Bush was “caught” on tape, chomping on a bread-roll, venting an expletive at Syria to rein in Hezbollah to stop this “sh—.”

Well, all’s I can say is: He’s baaaaack!!!!! The straight-shootin’ Texan has been so PC soft lately, one wondered if he’d actually been consorting with Botox-boy John Kerry in how to accommodate treason without getting wrinkles.

As far as I’m concerned, Bush has still not come out swinging at the New York Times for breaching state secrets in a time of war. Dropping a hint about the firing squad as opposed to a certain smokin’ chair in beating back such betrayals would satisfy me just fine. So chomp on that.

In the interim, a goodly cuss-out of cold-blooded cowards is most acceptable.

You may have noticed that everybody else is using instead the “e” word. Escalate. Any and every response by and from Israel is an “escalation” of the crisis.

A more pernicious attempt to twist facts is difficult to imagine.

You see, escalation, by definition, comes after. After a provocation. After an attack. Escalation is a response. So one wants to ask: Well, who struck first? And what would be the appropriate response, if only to make sure one doesn’t licence such liberties?

The most outrageous perversion of the natural order of this analysis was provided by The Province (B.C.) political cartoonist, Kreiger. In a July 14 three-section piece, we see, first, an Israeli bomb, branded with the Star of David, of course, just above a Moslemist terrorist with his own bomb aloft. Next, “BOOM!” Then – conclusion – aha, we now have two mini-Moslemist terrorists, with bombs aloft.

In other words, Israel’s militarism has literally “escalated” the evolution of the terror, breeding duplications like amoeba.

There’s just one problem. There’s a stage missing in this biology of blame. The initial stage. Why is Israel dropping a bomb in the first place? Because a terrorist merely threatened to toss a bomb? Well, in one of the op-ed pieces in the same paper, there is mention of something that “started as a border skirmish between Israel and Hezbollah.”

Say what?! As I write this, our Prime Minister Harper has just shown he carries his own Bush-size you-know-what (you wanna talk expletivist biology!) – “Steve,” who is very much still “Stephen,” referred to the start of the present Middle East Crisis as “cross-border murder,” in addition to kidnappings by Hezbollah.

In fact, it is becoming less and less the case that mainstream reporters will refer to the fact that Israeli soldiers – eight of them – were killed at the outset of the “skirmish.” There is only mention of the abductions – of “only” two soldiers. And increasingly, not even that.

Indeed Saudi Arabia, the nativeland of most of the 9/11 terrorists, has been more critical of Hezbollah in terms of “provoking” the present crisis than the Western media. Now there’s a twist. Our CBC, the Communist Broadcast of Canada, has a dialectical narrative going with regard to “Israeli attacks,” in feature after feature of “innocent civilians” in this or that area of Lebanon caught in the crossfire.

CNN “Live from the Gaza strip,” July 16, had a reporter talking about the effect of all these Israeli “jet strikes” on Palestinian children, children who “don’t know” what’s going on, or why, children, “studies on children,” …. I think the reporter – a woman – was simply told to repeat the word “children” as many times as possible.

Not Israeli children, of course. Years ago, the complaint was that Western media reports were weighted too much in favour of Israel, Israeli casualties and concerns. Well, they’re making up for it now!

In fact, whereas Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, is engaged in “escalation,” Hezbollah lead-thug, so-called “leader,” Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is quoted like the Oracle at Delphi, with due deference to his “warnings” – at least that’s what our media call his unequivocal threats of naked terror – “warnings”, as if from the legitimate authority in an area to some obdurate subjects.

Nasrallah’s “declaration” (as in the “Declaration of Independence” ) of “open war” on Israel was itself declared in the tone of shared celebration.

Nor are these the “usual suspects.” CanWest, Canada’s foremost newspaper group, which puts out the Vancouver Province, was started by the legendary Jewish media mogul, Israel ( “Izzy” ) Asper, known as much for his capital “L” Liberalism (he was leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party) as for his fierce support of Israel.

But a year or so after Izzy’s death, CanWest (still in the family) was accused of “doctoring” Middle East reports from at least one other news agency, to favour Israel.

Now it’s time for penance, I guess. For which three “Hail Hezbollah!” salutations per news cycle and several spurious moral equivalences are in order. Thus, the victims of terror are “balanced” with the victims of the “terror state of Israel.” Israel is badgered to return Palestinian prisoners, who happen to be duly tried and convicted murderers, but are now placed on a footing with Israeli soldiers captured in the noble defence of an internationally recognized border.

CNN asked its infamous, supposed “reporter,” Christiane Amanpour, if there were any “bright spots,” any good news in Lebanon. The notoriously under-educated poseur immediately seized the opportunity to put forth on America’s lack of “leverage” in the region, since America doesn’t talk to or otherwise engage terrorists or nations that harbour them.

You see, America too has been “escalating” the crisis in failing to recognize and indeed make good use of terrorists as brokers in dealing with yet more terrorists. That this would really be to be in the business to increase and multiply terror, not to mention legitimize it, has not occurred to Madame Amanpour.

Nor to Izzy’s heirs. As we say in the philosophy of inheritance, “talent skips a generation.”

I gat some Texan tellin’ of my own for these losers, eyeball to eyeball: “Don’t you escalate this sh—, with your escalation of one-sided articulations targetted to undermine the Jewish State.”