Deep Thoughts on Racial Diversity

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The administration at UNCW (The University of North Carolina – Whitey) has just found a new reason to spend more money on diversity. Last year’s intensified efforts to raise black enrollment backfired and the black freshman population went down by 7.1 percent this year. This news means, in all likelihood, that the university will be doubling its efforts to bring in more blacks next year. If they do, this critic of the diversity movement predicts a 14.2 percent decrease in black enrollment in 2007.

University officials are not sure why the black enrollment decreased this year. In fact, Linda MacRae in the admissions department told the local Wilmington MacTimes that there are no “definitive studies” that tell why blacks aren’t enrolling at the university, making it “hard to point to any one reason why the population is lower this year.”

But, of course, I know something the liberals don’t know about the low black enrollment at UNC-Whitey. The school is located near a beach and white people like beaches more than black people. And explaining the recent decreases in minority enrollment is pretty simple, too: It’s all a function of global warming.

But the university is concerned that competition from other universities has contributed to the drop in minority enrollment. MacRae also told the MacTimes that “The historically black colleges and universities are our greatest competitors.” She continued, “As long as those exist, that will always be something we have to look at.”

What a great insight by a university official! As long as you have historically black colleges, the other schools will be disproportionately white. That should be the answer every time a race pimp like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton makes a comment about low black enrollment at a public university. “As long as you have historically black colleges, the other schools will be disproportionately white.”

Or whenever someone asks for more spending on diversity, we could just say “As long as you have historically black colleges, the other schools will be disproportionately white.”

Or whenever someone says UNCW is racist because there are few blacks, we could just say “As long as you have historically black colleges, the other schools will be disproportionately white.” And so on.

But, for the record, I predict that MacRae will never repeat that brilliant observation. In

fact, if she were white, she would probably be dismissed for letting that cat out of the bag. Now people know that the real “diversity” problem in higher education is that blacks are more likely than whites to favor racial segregation. (Perhaps I shouldn’t have said that. Now, the university might retaliate by denying my application for full professor).

But all is not bad news at UNC-Whitey. This year, UNCW’s freshman Hispanic population grew by over 60% prompting some critics of the diversity movement (but not necessarily this one) to refer to the school as “UNC-Where’s Your Green Card?”

The increase in Hispanic enrollment has a lot to do with the hiring of a Spanish-speaking admissions officer and the printing of UNCW recruitment materials in Spanish. This was an expenditure the university approved shortly after the school ran out of paper and toner in the computer labs. This lack of basic educational material impeded the efforts of students to finish their assignments in classes like English 101 (and Spanish 101, too!) but at least the university is well on its way towards fulfilling the goal of attracting more illegal immigrants to UNC-Whitey.

And so now we know what Rosemary DePaolo was up to when she invited all of the black faculty members at UNC-Whitey to her mansion a couple of years ago. When she stood in front of all three of them and proclaimed that her commitment to diversity would mean that people would “no longer call UNCW ‘UNC-White’”, she was actually telling the truth. The decreases in the black student population would be more than offset by the increases in the Hispanic student population in her tenure.

While the local MacTimes was covering the issue of so-called African-American and Hispanic diversity issues, an Asian professor named Sangmoon Kim lost his job as a professor and was deported as a result of an expired visa.

It seems that a UNCW temporary worker was given the task of doing the paperwork for his visa renewal (the old one expired on June 15th). The worker “forgot” and now we’ve lost a great professor and a wonderful person. Hopefully, the university will undo the harm caused to this kind man and his family. But, of course, Asians are rarely afforded much attention under our current definitions of diversity.

But, hopefully, in the future we will start to focus on the things that are important in a university environment. Tasks like keeping the computer labs full of paper and toner. And making sure we have as few temp workers as possible. And avoiding racist diversity policies that have precisely the opposite effect they were promised to bring about.

Those are just some of my thoughts on racial diversity.

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