Here’s an email I sent this morning (and note that after sending it, I realized that my reference to “yesterday” was wrong—the comments referred to were actually made today, Sunday August 19):

Dear [email omitted],

You visited my web site yesterday and using the screen name “The CBC”, you posted a very defamatory and unqualified accusation against me, and I will give you the opportunity to respond before I delete it and move onward. 

You directly accused me of making “a terrorist threat against the CBC”, and obliquely referred to my use of guns to further that end.  That is an extremely dangerous and defamatory accusation to make in a public forum. 

You wrote in my “PhotoBlog” section of my site:

“So Then Joel makes a terrorist threat against the CBC, saying he has his father-in-law’s guns and all , he was speaking all cryptic and babbling like Anne Coulter on crack ( which is normal for her) so it is reported to the local Delta RCMP , CSIS and FBI . I can’t wait till he trys to board an airplane or enter the United States .
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ……”

Please provide, by email, any and all precise references to backup your assertions that I made any terrorist or terrorist-style threat to the CBC, using guns or otherwise.  I would also welcome any documentation of your official reports and accusations allegedly submitted to the F.B.I., C.S.I.S., and the Delta Police. 

I would also advise you to provide references with regard to your supposed employment at the CBC, and your authorization to post remarks at my web site as their representative, using the moniker “The CBC”. 

I note that you made specific reference to the notion that you actually represent them in a previous remark, (also using the screen name “The CBC”), in which you wrote:

“So we caught Joel of Proud to be Canadian violating copyright, basically being a thief and stealing our hard work . We send him a legal notice and his little pea brain explodes like this….”

The use of the word “we” indicates an association with the CBC.  Please provide proof of this relationship. 

Joel Johannesen



As of Monday, August 20, at 1:30 PM PDT, I have heard nothing from this man. 

Sorry, I meant to say “alleged” man.

Joel Johannesen
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