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David Warren on board with PTBC

  Well-known columnist David Warren has agreed to join our “team” of regular columnists here at PTBC, authorizing us to publish his weekly Ottawa Citizen columns right here alongside our many other columnists, for your convenience and right-thinking, conservative edification.  Liberals will, of course, be against that. 

David Warren has been writing for the Ottawa Citizen for over ten years on International, as well as Canadian and American affairs. In addition, Mr. Warren also has a column at the good Western Standard magazine, and his columns have appeared in other publications and web sites. 

While we’ve published a couple of David Warren’s columns over the years as a “guest columnist”, his regular weekly—or more—appearances here at PTBC will help continue to build PTBC into a good source for conservative columnists, which, in addition to our lively blog and other features, makes for a good conservative advocacy web site in Canada.  At the same time, we know it will help enlarge the readership of David Warren’s great writing. 

We’ve already stocked the David Warren column section with the two original columns previously posted at PTBC, as well as his two latest columns (one from last week, one from this week). 

We’re very grateful to Mr. Warren for his trust and support, as we are of all our columnists, each of whom has personally agreed to be a part of our team of esteemed columnists here at 


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