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Darn near half of liberal-leftist Toronto Star readers: daily Lord’s Prayer should be in schools

This result—in secular-“progressive” liberal-land Toronto no less.  And this, despite the liberal-left and its academia and their television networks and most especially their agenda-driven news media constantly—almost pathologically—condemning and pounding Christianity.  Even after years of using their stacked justice system to enforce their secular-progressive, anti-Christian, or atheist world view on Canada (or in the case of the state-run CBC, promoting Islam instead with state-funded pro-Islam TV series and such, while presenting anti-Christian documentaries for our cultural-re-tooling and social re-engineering purposes)…

The correct answer is of course “Yes—and the Ten Commandments should be posted on the school bulletin boards right beside the ‘Bush is a war Criminal!’ and ‘Abortion is a Right!’  and sundry Marxist teachers’ union posters” (but of course that wasn’t specifically an option).

Imagine if liberals were just tolerant and accepting of Canada’s Judeo-Christian foundation and heritage and the fact that the vast majority of Canadians are Christians —and their media was just fair, balanced, and not agenda-driven.


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