CTV: history started when our guy Obama was elected

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  It’s like they just woke up.  Or more likely, they just landed here on Earth.

Today at CTV.ca“Obama to announce space program’s new goal: Mars”

I have it on good authority (CTV.ca!) that it was also announced as a new program… back when it was actually announced as an actually new program… by President George W. Bush, back in 2004.  But new shmew.  It’s not positive or credible or realistic unless their guy announces it.  In their 2004 article, CTV.ca saw fit to mention, in their science-y reporting on the Bush/Mars announcement:  “And it’s no coincidence that this is an election year,” and reminded readers about the war in Iraq, including the scare-line, “…one terrorist attack could take him back down, and a bold new space initiative could excite Americans.”.  Note that today, they didn’t see fit to mention that President Barack Obama is suffering from historically horrible poll numbers, protest rallies, and that there are mid-term elections this November which will see he and his party suffer terrible defeats.  No, today, it’s just a fabulous “new” “announcement.”  Also note that in the 2004 election, George Bush and Republicans were re-elected with historically high numbers of votes.  (Snarf!)

Obama to announce space program’s new goal: Mars

CTV.ca News Staff
Date: Thu. Apr. 15 2010 9:50 AM ET

When U.S. President Barack Obama speaks at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida Thursday, he is expected to lay out a plan for the space program that will ultimately send astronauts to Mars.

Space author Robert Godwin said Obama will announce that sending humans to Mars will be “a national goal for the United States.”  …

Just for the historic record, here’s an article from CNN in 2004:

Bush unveils vision for moon and beyond

Thursday, January 15, 2004 Posted: 4:31 PM EST (2131 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN)—Saying “the desire to explore and understand is part of our character,” President Bush Wednesday unveiled an ambitious plan to return Americans to the moon by 2020 and use the mission as a steppingstone for future manned trips to Mars and beyond.

I think the real difference is that Bush wanted to do it for science and the human passion for knowledge and progress and advancement.  Obama is seeking desperately-needed new taxpayers, and Martians will fit the bill just fine (as long as they’re “rich”!).

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