Conservatives set to force CBC to create new series based on Liberals

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Passing the time as I watch the Liberal Party crime drama unfold in front of my very eyes on the news…..

Word on the street is that when the Conservatives win the election, the CBC will be forced to finally, for the first time in their history, do something useful and create the mother of all “Canadian Content” shows:  the story of Liberal Party corruption and scandal and theft of taxpayer dollars and the almost hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic


in the possibility of Quebec separation.  It will be an 18-year-long series.  Nobody will watch it, being on the CBC, but at least it will cost 26 bazillion dollars. 

I’m thinking of names for it already, just to avoid the CBC requesting a “Royal Commission To Figure Out Names for Our New Show” at a cost to taxpayers of $60 million.

The Martin/Chretien Hour, That, Um, Lasted 12 Years

Starring Jean Chretien and Paul Martin

(Reality show) The Game’s Fixed!

Starring Jean Chretien and Paul Martin

Without a Trace

Starring Jean Chretien and Paul Martin with appearances by Liberal Party bagmen (faces obscured)


Starring Jean Chretien and Paul Martin with guest appearance by Judge Gomery

Permanent Canadian Idol – The Sheila Fraser Hour

Starring Jean Chretien and Paul Martin with special appearance by Prime Minister Sheila Fraser

Who’s the Moron Now?

Starring Jean Chretien and Paul Martin with special appearance by Carolyn Parrish

Welcome Back Cotler

Starring Jean Chretien and Paul Martin with special appearance by former Liberal Minister of Gay Marriage Irwin Cotler

Svend Robinson Was a Paltry Hack!

Starring Jean Chretien and Paul Martin with special appearance by former MP Svend Robinson

Desperate Housewives of Liberals

Starring male/female/mixed “special friend” “partner” of Liberal Party crime bosses who want their male/female/mixed “special friend” “partner” back.

Fear Factor

Starring the people who own the Liberal-friendly ad firms that created the TV election ads for the Liberal Party of Canada allegedly with your tax dollars to defeat the other parties.

The Amazing Race

Starring the liberal who thought-up the now ironic “Conservatives have a Hidden Agenda” bunk

Survivor: Ottawa

Starring all the same politicians we have now, since nobody gets voted off the island in Canada.

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