Conservatives overrule liberals’ CRTC state controllers of whose phone we dial and text on. OMG!

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Great news for Canadians.  The Conservative government has UN-MEDDLED in the economy, sort of.  This is shocking news.  Someone get that Irwin Cotler on the horn and find out if this is copacetic with the liberals’ “Canadian Values” secretariat.

Yes, they overruled the liberals’ CRTC division and their stupid recent decision to block a new competitor in the cell phone business.  Liberals will be A-P-O-P-L-E-C-T-I-C.  But don’t worry, CRTC regulations prohibit the state-owned, state-run, CRTC-regulated televisions news stations from broadcasting liberals being “apoplectic” about anything sensible like this — unless they have a permit.  And the permits are hard to come by because the 800-page document must be submitted by a gay french-speaking multicultural atheist union-member in a wheelchair, preferably a woman with hairy armpits who is also an “artist” getting federal funding and married to another gal.  Or a CBC employee.  (Redunnnndant!)

As we in the sensible set know, the CRTC is a sort of Iranian-style, state-run, center of idiotic left-wing excellence, which attempts to create a “Canadian Culture” for us, because we’re too stupid to create our own, organically, if left to our own devices (devices like cell phone and TVs and radios, but by “devices”, mostly they mean our brains).  This of course now once again puts us in the mind of the great Liberal Party “strategist”, Scott (“beer and popcorn”) Reid, genius, who said, and I quote badly from memory: “If we don’t tax the cash out of Canadians and spend their money for them, why they’re so stupid they’ll spend it on beer and popcorn!”.

Still and all, the article at still reads like a PRAVDA article.

Canadians will soon have a fourth wireless company offering services to them after the federal government has allowed Globalive Wireless Management Corp. to start operating immediately.

On Friday morning, Industry Minister Tony Clement said the cabinet has determined that the wireless company meets Canadian ownership requirements under the Industry Canada Act.

Globalive was previously unable to set up shop after the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission turned down its prior attempts, citing the fact that it was owned by Egypt’s Orascom Telecom Holding.

But because most of the shareholders are Canadian, Clement argues that the Toronto-based Globalive should be considered Canadian. And the Government of Canada, in turn, has decided to vary the CRTC’s prior ruling. …

And it goes on like that.

It’s not all good of course, as this is, alas, Kanuckistan.  There are still absurd government enacted protectionist and inane regulatory restrictions on all manner of even simple-ass communicating on the damn phone, in this country.  And therefore on basic, elementary commerce itself.  And by extension, on our freedom and our God-given rights.  But by golly we must vote liberal or further left and ensure the government protects us from ourselves!  We done do wrong else if we gets to decide our own decisions!  Just acts Scott Reid!  And whatever you do, don’t question the progressives.  This CRTC all is, as we’ve been instructed before, a “Canadian Value”.

So vote for what the obedient liberal media dutifully calls voting for Canada’s “Natural Governing Party”, and get this reversal re-reversed.  Get more regulations and restrictions and instructions to you from your government about what we’re allowed to watch on TV and listen to on the radio, and at what times, and in what language, and in what ratio of “Canadian content”, and in what mixture of “drama” and “locally-produced”.  And fund it all with taxpayer dollars of course.  And do watch for the logo at the end of every TV show, to re-assure yourselves that our benevolent government was fully involved!  You can rely on them to protect you and grow you and your family up real good!

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