Confess your sins, enviro-sinners! Liberals all agree: it’s one o’ them “moral” thingy dingies!

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I don't have much today but I found this...

Tweetpoo for Tuesday January 24 2023

OK ! I'm good! I'm now more than fully...

Justin Trudeau and Canadian “news” media don’t look up.

For years, "Connecting rural Canada" has been a huge...

Since we’re told by the secular-progressives on the left…

“…fighting the man-made global warming is, well, a ‘moral’ thing, so confess your sins!  Repent, sinners!  Join the crusaders for ‘environmental justice’!  Not to be confused with whatchucall yer ‘social justice’, which is kinda a diff’rent religion but it’s still like good ‘n it’s a ‘moral’ thingy ‘n stuff too… and of course passing the ‘health care’, uh, ‘reforms’ are a ‘moral’ deal too… but whatever… church and state!  Oh hang on.  Oh shut up!  Green jobs now! Green jobs now! …”

… the Fraser Institute made this helpful aid:


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