COMING SOON: a load of BS re Fox News, amidst Shep Smith resignation

They’ll say that Shep Smith was stymied from being able to report the facts the way he wanted (i.e., very liberal-oriented politically), yet in initial tweets like this one touting his singular journalistic courage, they admit he did exactly that; and they’ll imply he was forced out due to his anti-Trumpish truth-telling, yet Smith said on air that he resigned and was asked by Fox News to please stay on.

I was not a fan of his political reporting because although I’m all for facts and truth and standing up to the powerful, especially in government, like almost the entire rest of the news media, Smith adopted that ubiquitous smug, smarmy, cynical attitude when it came to reporting on conservatives or Republicans — almost obsessively so with regard to Trump. But for all the non-political reporting in the world — a vastly and sadly diminishing segment — Smith was easily the best.

And watch for the hilarity of the media and others literally having to admit, now that they have to talk about Shep Smith, that Fox News Channel actually did (and it still does) tolerate differing points of view. They will have to acknowledge FNC actually does offer a balance, where, as we know and will admit if we’re honest, the others most certainly do not — at least not nearly to the extent FNC does.

For hard news or great opinion, FNC is the best in the world by a country mile. So, as usual, turn to Fox News Channel for the truth on this, moving forward.

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