CNN poll, currently well buried by all the media: 52% say Obama should not be re-elected

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Now only 44% say he should be re-elected.  But if all you watched was the CBC news or pretty much any other Canadian news, you wouldn’t know this, because they aren’t reporting it.  Even CNN is burying it.  I had to do a search for it.  I finally found it referenced at the Boston Herald.  Luckily we are allowed to get Fox News Channel in Canada now that it has been unbanned here.  They reported CNN’s poll for them.

In another poll conducted by CNN, which actually is relatively easy to un-bury and unlike the Obama poll, isn’t completely buried by the media, they ask about the “tea party” movement.

• Nearly three-quarters (74%) of Tea Party activists attended college, compared to 54 percent of all Americans.  So unlike what the liberals and all their media tell you, they aren’t in fact uneducated goons who are dumber than billy-goats.  Shocka. 

• More than 3 in 4 call themselves conservatives, which befits the entire national sentiment in which twice as many Americans call themselves conservative over liberal.

• Less than 1 in 5 people in America say they oppose the Tea Party.  Unlike the media’s portrayal.  Hi CBC’s Neil Macdonald.  How are ya?

· 35% of Americans moderately or strongly support the tea party movement.

· 19% of Americans moderately or strongly oppose the tea party movement.

· 45% don’t know what to think (but I would add: consider how the liberal-left and their media treats the tea party movement —CNN news anchors like Anderson Cooper and Suzanne Malveaux calling them “teabaggers”;  or more generally like they’re a bunch of racist and/or Nazi nutbars with the intelligence of billy-goats; with one of their political heroes House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Dem) insinuating that they’re Nazis and that they are “dangerous” and “astroturf”, and their hero President Obama saying that they are a bunch of people “wagging their little tea bags in the air”, to paraphrase his recent, snotty dismissal of them; and so much more…)

• Among Registered Voters February 12-15, 2010, if congressional elections were held today:
45% would vote Democrat;  47% would vote Republican;  6% neither, 2% no opinion.

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