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Change it up (Part 2)

A new year, so, you know… here’s part two. Part one is HERE.

Belly Aching For The New Year
  Part Two: News Media Aches

I cancelled my Globe and Mail subscription already this year, because I’m finally exhausted from their pathological, obsessive anti-conservative, anti-Republican, sometimes also anti-American (a disease which I strangely hate even more), and —although I’ve written that I can now no longer defend Donald Trump given his past week’s behavior— their four-year-long pathological Trump obsession. This past week aside, it has been hideous. Hi-de-ous.

And if it were just Trump, then (especially given this past week), I might give them yet another pass. But it’s not just Trump. They do it to every Canadian Conservative Party leader, and most of the Canadian Conservative candidates. They did it to George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, they did it to Romney, they did it to McCain, and Sarah Palin’s treatment rivaled only Trump’s, which has been simply epic. Almost comedic. Trump is but the latest —albeit convenient (and lately worthy) useful tool they use to smear all conservatives, Republicans, or Conservatives. They did it and continue to do it to every conservative you can name. And they’ll do it to a Saint if the GOP chooses him, or her, or even zi or xe or xem, black, brown, trans, no matter —as their leader in the next leadership round.

Obama? Pure gold. Well actually, “Black” gold, they would never let us forget. Trudeau? They lick his face daily —even when he had black shoe polish on his face and was pretending to be a black guy, mocking black people. They still lick it today, even though it’s not very hygienic given the Covid thing. Kamala Harris is literally an angel from Heaven (they suddenly believe in Heaven), because she’s “black” and a woman. Sarah Palin? A damn stupid evil white Nazi devil and damn Christian who believes in Heaven ‘n stuff. Biden isn’t old and senile, but John McCain: too old and senile. And white!

It’s not bashing honestly and with integrity and in good faith as a news and opinion organization (if “bashing” is ever a worthy goal). No, it’s done very unfairly, and in utterly bad faith. Pure partisan politics. Pure hackery. They know this. They just think you’re too stupid to know this.

Not just people, either. All of conservatism. They’ve fallaciously harped on Conservatives about abortion for a decade though they fully know the answer. Before that it was gay marriage. Now it’s also often “climate change,” or whatever the current liberal-left talking points are. They’ve fallaciously invoked a non-existent Conservative “hidden agenda” for decades, when they know damn well one doesn’t exist. They’ve done that in exactly the same way they’ve invoked “Russian collusion” for three years where no collusion existed and they knew damn well it didn’t. They covered for Joe Biden by literally hiding Hunter Biden news. The term “fake news” doesn’t even cover it. It’s just lies. Lies from the news media.

It’s not reporting, nor fair and open policy discussion, it’s not about discussing political philosophy. It’s an agenda-driven liberal political activism.

I find the whole thing extremely dishonest and I’m only shocked that so many still participate in it and manage to sleep well at night.

OK a bit more, then I’m done: They’re hypocrites. It’s patent dishonesty, which they don’t even disguise. For example, their purely performative obsession with “climate change,” and their propaganda efforts in that regard, even while they accept ads from Ford and GM, and including a car-reviews and ad-bait “DRIVE” section of their paper. Hardly hiding their hypocrisy, they put them side by side. Actual screengrabs from yesterday’s Globe and Mail couldn’t exemplify the hypocrisy better — it’s right in our faces:

And after you read about the latest Jeep SUV with its giant V-8, here’s another screengrab of yesterday’s online offerings. The “Environment” section, “Climate change,” and then reports on the “Energy” industry, all together as if one issue (or even an issue requiring such massive newspaper dominance). If they’re honest, the only thing they’d have beside “Climate Change,” is “Cause #1: China” and “Cause #2: India.” Or a section with stories about how the United States, without a carbon tax and less enviro red tape and idiocy than Canada, is doing far better at CO2 reduction than Canada with its rising carbon tax — apparently now an even more drastically rising carbon tax. Call the section “More Government Idiocy: Carbon Tax Failures And Our Lies In Advocating For It Constantly In These Pages” or something. I know it’s a long title.

Certainly not worth paying nearly $30 per month (plus what they get in taxpayer subsidies).

I won’t subscribe to The National Post (I already subscribe to the Vancouver Sun and it’s just more of that same liberal junk. I’m long into an effort to try to cancel it, against the force of my wife who still reads the actual paper newspaper every morning out of habit and because of the crosswords). But until the National Post quits bombarding me with their multiple auto-play videos and flashing GIF ads, reminiscent of a games or porn site, circa 1998, rendering any content that might otherwise be worthwhile reading, it is completely unreadable. It’s just a total mess.

I’ve tried. I’ve gone from laughing at the National Post website disaster (because it was so hard to believe they were doing this on purpose — I kept thinking of how Monty Python sketches would capture this hideousness perfectly), to simply not looking at it much, regrettably.

So for Canadian news: well there isn’t any objective source in Canada. There is any number of sources, all of them remarkably saying the exact same thing, sometimes using the exact same words, all negative, with all of those on TV news bobbleheads literally saying the same things, and I just close my eyes and ears because I know the reporting will be a bad partisan political propaganda hack job and a soul-crushingly bad journalism. Taxpayer-subsidized at that —one of them a state-owned and pretty much state-run operation, and probably the worst example of them all, the awful CBC. In a supposed democracy. It’s so wrong. Especially that so many Canadians behave like useful idiots and accept this.

I for one will continue to speak out loudly. You should commit to that too if you haven’t already. Just don’t rely on Twitter or Facebook for your outcries.

This site could use an overhaul as well, I know, I know. Especially the mobile versions. But that’s expensive. As for my writing and thinking, it’s all aces, so no need for improvement there.

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