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Change it up (Part 1)

A new year, so, you know…

Belly Aching For The New Year
  Part One: Non News Media Aches
(Part Two is HERE)

I already lost weight and got in shape last year, and if I lose any more weight I’ll blow away the next time Justin Trudeau issues forth another one of his exceedingly breathy (take another breath!) pronouncements (take another breath!) about (take another breath!) “washing my hands,” and (quick breath!) “being in this together.” And I recently finished renovating our kitchen without his “all of us together” help, so that’s also off my to-do list for this new year. Here’s a very amateurish video clip of our kitchen to prove I wasn’t just playing hooky from PTBC:

Yesterday I stopped defending Donald Trump because — already hard to defend, given his, shall we say, “liberal” past, and his historically horrible (and getting even horribler) character — he became utterly impossible to defend this week. I said more than enough about it yesterday. Well that’s not true. I’m sure I’ll babble on about it more as time goes on.

I lost one email subscriber over my act of Trump defiance, which I find ironic, given the rest of this belly aching missive, especially my news media subscription bellyaching in Part Two… but I’m increasingly confident in my decision. I’m less confident in my efforts — going back four years — in defending him as I have.

I may cut the TV cable cord this year, since we spend about as much cash on cable TV as we now do on food, and what’s available for us to watch is largely rotten, tasteless, past their best-before date garbage which, aside from being just bland, is largely created and performed by woke liberal-leftist group-think activists with a political agenda and a weird, perverted cultural one too (could they possible depict more gay people? In TV-land, nine out of ten people are gay. And could they possibly show even more men standing at urinals peeing, or men surreptitiously masturbating? And hey CBC, say “shit” a few more times for the kids).

I’m just done with it.

I already quit watching professional sports and cancelled the sports channels last year as well. This was due to them collectively declaring unequivocally that me and my family are lousy awful humans, we’re racists, haters, slave-owners or sons and daughters of slave owners, we’re racists even though we’re too stupid to see that, we stole from them, we’re super-dooper racists, we’re colonizers, racists again, we’re on their land, etc.; and their aggressive declarations that me, and my wife, and my mother-in-law are white (racist!) people, and even worse, we’re conservatives, so we’re also “fascists.” The fact that we’re normal family-oriented folks and success-seeking humans means, well, somehow, weirdly, that we’re not good people, at all, and we are, you guessed it, racists. Their declarations — often with raised fists yet, like communists —of their affiliation with BLM’s bizarre, racist, often violent, but certainly at least an extremist left-wing agenda, sealed it.

I cancelled the A&E channel last year when they cancelled “Live PD” in their idiotic effort to appease BLM and their left-wing supporters, and to bow down like serfs (irony!) to those aforementioned leftist idiots and anti-police morons surrounding the BLM rioters. I hear A&E lost so many subscribers that they may been done as a channel, soon. Good.

I have already nearly quit Twitter, using that November/December 2020 kitchen reno and the Christmas holiday as a quasi natural sanity break from looking at it, much less tweeting. But I’m trying to justify in my mind why I wouldn’t just nuke it completely. (Not literally nuke it, Karens, liberals, and Iranians, I mean just symbolically. I don’t have any nuclear weapons or condone their use against Twitter. I’m not inciting! Oh go ahead and cancel me. I don’t care.)

I haven’t looked at my TweetDeck for a couple months (it’s been wonderful). Full disclosure: I’ve set this PTBC site up to “auto-post” to Twitter and Facebook when I publish an article, and so tweets just happen, but I can flip that switch in a second. Why wouldn’t I?, I ask myself. For now, I convince myself that I’m getting the better of them by using them to promote my site for free, while not subjecting myself to that censorious nonsense.

I think Twitter has become one of the worst things in life. It has predictably become another cesspool of morons, wokeness, group-think, full of Look at me!(s) saying idiotic things on both sides of the political aisle; it’s just bad for my soul. Yours too, methinks.

It’s run terribly —seemingly by a bunch of uber-woke (so college-educated) 20-somethings who don’t have a clue about history, politics, freedom of speech, logic, democracy, life, fairness, humor, objectivity, satire, or most anything else except themselves and their safe places and super important feelz (again: apparently they’re college-educated). It’s apparently staffed by clearly politically biased and anti-conservative dumb-dumbs.

They inexplicably, continually, block conservatives including their followers. I went from thousands of followers and growing, down to hundreds and dropping almost overnight, completely without explanation. Recently I was told by those kids that my content wasn’t allowed to be monetized with ads. I think that’s what they’re saying — it’s so vague and opaque that I can’t even discern it! With no literate explanation given, I’m left to wonder. See the picture of the email below. I don’t even know what they’re on about. Anybody who reads my very moderate and well-considered tweets would also have to wonder what they’re on about, except that they simply see my effectiveness as a conservative, and I’m over the proverbial target, so they must nuke me.

Facebook: same. Nuke ’em both and we’d all be better off.

And now onto my news media bellyaching (or yet more of it), in Part Two.

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