CBC’s pollster admits he’s a left-winger, after advising Liberals to invoke “culture war”

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(Second place contender for my bog entry’s sub-headline: FANTASTIC LEFT-WING SELF-INDUCED IMPLOSION IN ACTION.) 

The left-wing, state-owned CBC uses the polling firm EKOS for its weekly political polling.  (Just why the CBC does political polling at all is itself abominable, but then the existence of a state-owned media is itself an abomination of and an affront to freedom and democracy and an egregious left-wing squander of our tax dollars, but I digress out of necessity.)

Here’s what Frank Graves, who runs that CBC-employed outfit EKOS, reportedly advised the Liberal Party:

“I told them that they should invoke a culture war. Cosmopolitanism versus parochialism, secularism versus moralism, Obama versus Palin, tolerance versus racism and homophobia, democracy versus autocracy. If the cranky old men in Alberta don’t like it, too bad. Go south and vote for Palin.”

Unbelievable.  A typically bigoted, extremist, hateful, deceptive, anti-conservative hate-mongering, far-left talking points appaloosa.  More astonishingly, the Liberal Party appears to be following his advise lock, stock, and long-gun registry ’n idiotic gun-control barrel.

In his own “defence”, Frank Graves says no no, he’s not a “liberal” (even though he’s donated $11,000 to the Party).  He says he’s actually a “progressive”.  Oh that’s fantastic.  Pausing here for laughter.  OK.  OK.  Oh my.  That helps.  It’s like saying “I’m not an orange, I’m a Mandarin orange.”  Or the you’ve got to be kidding party leader Jack Layton’s famously idiotic line, “I’m not a socialist, I’m a democratic socialist”.

Watch this YouTube video link (which is not mine, CBC lawyers!**) as a former Conservative spokesman — not the CBC’s lame show host mind you (for his part, he merely incessantly interrupts the Conservative) — ably outs the CBC’s pollster Frank Graves and EKOS as an abject Liberal, after being quoted by the Globe and Mail’s columnist Lawrence Martin in a recent column.  This, on the CBC yet. 

There’s also a good writeup about it at Cnews.canoe.ca:

CBC pollster accused of Liberal bias

Conservative Party of Canada president John Walsh sent a letter Thursday to the CBC’s Ombudsman charging that EKOS pollster Frank Graves’ comments reported in the Globe and Mail that day raise “serious questions about the impartiality of Canada’s publicly funded national broadcaster.”

“Why is a pollster who conducts polling for Canada’s national broadcaster, the CBC, also giving partisan advice to the Liberal Party of Canada?” Walsh writes in a letter obtained exclusively by QMI Agency.

“Is the CBC aware they were sharing resources with the Liberal Party of Canada, if so, how long have they been aware? Can the CBC assure us that data collected at the expense of taxpayers is not shared with the Liberal Party of Canada?

“Does the CBC share Mr. Graves’ call for a “culture war” that pits Canadian against Canadian?”

The Globe and Mail article that set off Walsh’s anger quotes Graves spouting advice to the Liberal Party of Canada.

“I told them that they should invoke a culture war. Cosmopolitanism versus parochialism, secularism versus moralism, Obama versus Palin, tolerance versus racism and homophobia, democracy versus autocracy,” Graves is quoted in the story. “If the cranky old men in Alberta don’t like it, too bad. Go south and vote for Palin.”

Graves is president and founder of national polling firm EKOS Research Associates and a frequent media commentator on national issues.

He is also a frequent Liberal Party contributor.

Since 2001, Graves has donated at least $11,042.72 to the Liberals, according to the Elections Canada website, including money toward the leadership campaigns of current party leader Michael Ignatieff and leadership candidate Bob Rae. …

Also note that pollster Nick Nanos has been under the employ (paid or not, I’m not sure) of the state-owned left-wing media behemoth, the CBC, on their news channel and as an editorial contributor or participant at their online tentacle, as well.  It seems, as the CBC host even admits (ironically as a sort of a badge of honor or as a source of pride) on his own show in the above clip, in the CBC’s “defense”, that the CBC has nearly all of the polling firms on board, and employs them all, in one way or another.  Let’s think about that for a moment, before I repeat my mantra. 

OK here we go once again: State-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that should be enshrined in our constitution.

But don’t worry, the CBC’s politics show host assures us taxpayers, after informing us that they employ all sorts of political polling firms:  “All the polling goes through a very strong vetting process,” he says.  Proudly.  “Very strong.”  And “Vetting.”  Oh dear.  So being a “progressive” and a HUGE Liberal Party donator passed muster.  Awesome job, CBC.

And let’s also repeat this while we’re at it:  The current Conservative Party fully supports the CBC.  Fully supports it. 

**The state-owned, taxpayer-funded CBC, with its apparently limitless taxpayer-paid resources, employed their lawyers once to warn me, after threatening to sue me to kingdom come for posting videos critical of the CBC, that “we will be monitoring your site.”  This occurred in Canada —not Iran.

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