CBC’s Bill Richardson provides more “Canadian Values”

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More liberal-left looney legacy:  There’s more “Canadian Values” being foisted on us by liberals, through our tax dollars and the state-run media in Canada. 

Among my other recent “finds” at the state-run people’s web site CBC.ca (see here and here), I found a whole series of 2 ½-minute audio/video flicks by a CBC employee named Bill Richardson, who reviews books in a series the CBC calls “Cooking the Books”. 

Richardson is an extreme gay effeminate cross-dresser, or at least that’s what he tries to portray in the series.  He wears women’s underwear and high heels in the series, sometimes a woman’s wig and accessories, and speaks like a woman as best he can being a male.  He has a male partner (in the kitchen they call “Dude Cottage” where they “cook the books”, in some kind of bizarre “performance art” form, I guess the liberals call it).

One video is about the serious biography on Prime Minister Stephen Harper, called Stephen Harper and the Future of Canada by William Johnson.  It’s the CBC, so one cannot possibly expect a complimentary review of anything conservative, despite it being paid for by conservative Canadians and all Canadians generally, and the fact that it is presented on state-run media.  So they summarily mock it, as they do all the books they review.

Here’s the CBC web site page where you can find it and others:

One cannot possibly determine the value of this exercise, given that it’s not even remotely funny but from what I can tell, the underlying premise is to mock any conservative value.  That serves the liberal-left’s purposes once again.  So that’s how they justify it, I would imagine.

Still-captured images from the CBC’s
Stephen Harper mocking session

View the video full size.

The state-funded flick on the state-run CBC.ca web site (it was also shown on CBC television) opens with Richardson dressed in a woman’s undergarment and high heels, on a massage table, Richardson saying that “today, a brand new sun is rising on Canadian politics”.  Then the male masseuse lowers the towel exposing Richardson’s butt (only to himself, not the viewer, mercifully, and it’s clad in the woman’s undergarment) and asks:  “Is that the crack of dawn?”, thus making a pretty uncomplimentary comparison to the Conservatives’ recent rise to power and Richardson’s butt crack.

The book being mocked is an actual biographical book about Stephen Harper by William Johnson as I said. But of course the taxpayer-paid “artists” and the state-run media use the opportunity to mock not the book, per se, but Stephen Harper and conservative Canadians. 

He proceeds to tell the audience that the book needs to be “conserved” in a jar. “We recommend you conserve the book in a brine of gin, scotch and tequila—easy to remember if you think GST,”  he/she says.

He/she suggests that while you’re waiting for it to “cure”, you quickly do some things “before it’s too late”, at which point they cut to a mock gay wedding between Richardson and his male counterpart, who are being married by a woman dressed as a priest holding a mask of Stephen Harper over her face and who, instead of holding a bible, is holding the Stephen Harper biography book.

When told they may now kiss (you know, in the old Canadian traditional wedding sense), Richardson lifts the veil covering the face of his male “partner” (you know, in the old Canadian traditional wedding sense), and reveals not his partner but a what we are to believe is a devil in the form of Stephen Harper, complete with ominous flashing green eyes. 

Later, Richardson, still adorned in his woman’s underwear and high heels, asks the question:  With the new conservative government, “how will we make out?  Are we conserved?  Or are we pickled?”

“Time will tell,” he answers him/herself, “but nobody can stop us from dancing…”, and he/she dances away like a tart.

In another flick, Richardson “reviews” the latest book by legendary American author Ann Rice, called “Christ the Lord – Out of Egypt”.  In his “recipe” for this book, he makes the inexplicable and implausible statement that as a “garnish” for the book, which follows the life of Jesus up to the age of twelve, you should also read a book called Young Adolf—about the life of Adolf Hitler up to the age of twelve.  They zoom in on the cover of that book. 

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