CBC trots out the leftists to pre-defend Obama prior to his 80th “health care” (wink!) pitch tonight

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The Article


In advance of Obama’s “health care” speech tonight, which, being a Canadian event, will of course be broadcast live for Canadians by the state-owned, socialism-reliant Canadian-content provider CBC, the socialism-reliant CBC has begun to mold Canadian minds the way they’d like to by trotting out what their expert news and information division has scientifically and journalistically decided are The Real Experts.  The real fair and balanced and objective observers.  In other words, the far-leftists and leftists and Obama suck-ups and supporters, countered by some other left-wingers.  For balance.  To really inform Canadians.  On your dime as taxpayers. 

The socialism-reliant CBC has, so far, presented only left-wing and far-left apologists for socialism, in order to explain to Canadians what it is that is going on down south, which is a debate about socialism or not socialism.  That’s odd, huh? I wonder why that would be.

The CBC thus far: Two health care experts who supplemented their own CBC talking points from the left:
image image

imageThe morning started out with the usual objective coverage from the CBC’s own fair and balanced gurus, anchor Nancy (“very interesting!”) Wilson, who you can see here (at far-left) pitching her upcoming interview with Democratic Party crazyman Dennis Kucinich, who, it turns out in the interview, shockingly demands an all-socialist government-run “health care”, um, “option” (—wink!). 

And the just the facts, ma’am CBC reporter Susan Bonner is repeatedly asked about it all by the anchors.  She helpfully reminds Canadians of the “fact” that “46 million are uninsured” (which she must surely know is at best an intellectually dishonest number if left stated on its own, and a number which is drawn straight from left-wing talking points).  She informs Canadians that…


“…we saw a lot of angry town hall meetings and hysterical comments about what any kind of a public health care option would mean for America…”

Following that, we get anchor Suhana Meharchand, who teased an upcoming interview with the editor of a notably left-wing (my words, and most definitely and noticeably to me, not hers!) publication called the New Republic, who also happened to be the author of a book demanding a socialist healthcare system, gee golly whadoyaknow heck my goodness me wow what a coinkidink.  He proceeded to talk all politics, and to campaign for Obama and a wonderful socialist all-government-run “health care” (—wink!) system.

image image

So far we haven’t heard from any conservatives, nor any questions from a conservative standpoint, nor any talking points — sorry “facts” — from the right or the far-right, from either Nancy Wilson, or Suhana Meharchand, or Susan Bonner.  Nobody has asked about tort reform and interstate insurance availability and other such relatively easy solutions that could help insure the uninsured, nor have Canadians been reminded that the government can’t even run social security or a crappy government-run TV news and entertainment outfit, much less another mammoth government “health care” behemoth which would consume 1/6 of the American economy.  Nor have they reminded Canadians that US medical bankruptcies are a myth; personal bankruptcy rate is higher in Canada.  For example.  I’ve got more.

Why do you suppose that would be?  Isn’t the CBC trying to tell the whole story?  They are paid by taxpayers to do that, right?  So what’s up?  How come they aren’t presenting any conservative, freedom and free-market types for Canadians?  Can’t they find any?  They should be able to since most Americans are against Obamacare, which I know from the polls which the CBC never show you.  Do you think we will hear from them?  And in the off chance that they do manage to find one anti-Obamacare person anywhere in the United States, how do you think that interview will go?



Next up for the CBC:  Objective expert Senator Bernie Sanders, whom Wikipedia describes like this:

Sanders is a self-described democratic socialist, but because he does not belong to a formal political party, he appears as an independent on the ballot. He is the first person elected to the U.S. Senate to identify as a socialist.[1]  Sanders caucuses with the Democratic Party and is counted as a Democrat for the purposes of committee assignments.

The CBC’s Suhana Meharchand therefore introduced him merely as “an independent senator from Vermont”.  And she blatantly coddled him in what I guess she’d defend as her hard-hitting interview, in which she reminded him that 47 million are uninsured, and other hardball facts. 

Imagine the shock I had to endure when the socialist defended in the strongest possible terms the notion of a socialist “health care” —and everything else in America— plan. 

Yup —Canadians are getting fully “informed”  (—wink!) by the CBC today.  Good job, CBC.  Worth every taxpayer penny.  Especially mine.

NEXT LEFTIST EXPERT ON CBC to “INFORM” CANADIANS (wink, middle finger…):  a Democrat!  Who they also already know also supports socialist healthcare just exactly like all the others and themselves!



He was an unsuccessful Democratic candidate against Connie Morella for Maryland’s 8th district in the House of Representatives in 1998.

And therefore the CBC introduced him simply and only as “the CEO of the National Coalition on Health Care”. 

And upon much hard-hitting get at the truth goading by the anchor Susan Ormiston, he said he supports the “public option”! 

I. Am. Shocked.

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