CBC reporter Neil Macdonald calls tea party a “FREAK SHOW”

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Not only are Macdonald’s latest demeaning observations about conservatives obtuse (mostly because ironically, his “freak show” blather which is written-up today at the state-owned CBC’s awful web site is about how tea party folks constantly, well, wear hats, but how they also label leftists with insulting names — possibly like “socialist”!), it’s insulting on a level rarely seen even amongst his left-wing brethren these days.
Not only do they employ reporters to spew their distaste for conservatives through political opinions, they feature them on their state-owned web site’s front page with all the most juicy verbiage —like “tea party’s freak show”, almost as though they’re proud of it, and really really want you to absorb it.
Thing is, today’s object of what appear to me to be his hate and derision — the tea party folks — are not reporters for a national state-owned taxpayer-funded media behemoth.  They’re just plain folks like me and my wife and most of our friends and relatives both here and down south.  They’re allowed to voice their concerns as they see fit.  Macdonald is a reporter, and one for a national state-owned taxpayer-funded media behemoth.

Fair and balanced reporting?  Out the window.  Objectivity?  In the garbage.  An honest news organization without an agenda?  What a load.

But the very idea that a news reporter — a politics reporter for (and this is the kicker) a national, state-owned, taxpayer-funded media behemoth, the CBC, could also be allowed to write a politically-charged politics opinion column, virtually always bashing the crap out of one political side—the right — at taxpayer expense, in a free country, is a giant national insult and a disgrace.

It reeks of Iran, to me. Or Venezuela.  Or Cuba.  You expect that kind of crap in those places.  Not in a free country.

Deja vu all over again?  Remember how Liberals Bare-Ass Bob Rae and sister Ralph Goodale got in front of the (CBC) TV cameras last week specifically to bash the Conservative finance minister for daring to be “partisan”, with both of them (especially Goodale) using all manner of abusive, disparaging, demeaning, and insulting partisan language (see the list of words and terms they used)?

Where is Liberal non-leader Michael Ignatieff, and his attack minions Ralph Goodale and Bare-Ass Bob Rae, and all those other hypocrites on the left and far-left right now, when the state-owned, taxpayer-funded, ever so “objective”, “fair”, and “balanced” CBC’s political news reporter lets loose on conservatives with derogatory name-calling and rhetoric and all the jejune left-wing talking points du jour?

How do they think his “reporting” is going to go, moving forward?  And should we the people pay any attention to it?  And if not, should we the people as taxpayers be forced to continue to pay this guy through that state-owned government operation called the CBC?  Shouldn’t he be fired?  Shouldn’t the whole outfit be closed down?

Well of course, to the latter two questions.  No free country should even allow a state-owned media, much less this kind of crass, political crap to be spewed on it.  Those belong in Iran.

State-owned media should be banned in this country, and that notion should be enshrined in our constitution.

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