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CBC News presents snowjob news video feed from snowy Washington

…By which I mean the snowjob is literal, this time. 

This is a screen capture from the live video presented on CBC News Channel this morning.  It’s real snowy today in Washington, see?  It’s so snowy, you can hardly see the CBC/Washington Bureau investigative journalist of all get out, Susan Bonner, amidst all the snow, see?  See like she’s like all white ‘n stuff.  For all the snow.  Can’t even see her.  That’s how snowy it is.  The entire video proceeded exactly like this. 

And therefore I call BS—for this fake news technique. 

Bonner, the CBC reporter, admitted that in fact, her news feed was not via a CBC camera, as usual, it was actually via Skype —the internet phone service;  and was being shot not with a CBC camera held by a union-paid CBC cameraman (or more likely a woman) as usual, but rather via the webcam attached to her laptop computer, as held up by her husband.  The webcam is obviously total crap, and has no white balance.  As the screen capture shows, the purposely lousy video shockingly includes the overlaid text “via webcam” in the upper left.  That’s how they achieved this phony effect and got that ever so factual news-y result for the big state news channel.  At least they told us “the source”, which is highly unusual and newsworthy in and of itself! 

And this is a picture on that same story from the CTV Newsnet channel, in which you can see it’s snowy, but you can in fact see a building miles away, not all whited-out, and possibly shot by an actual camera befitting a news organization which takes you seriously.

And the pictures from Fox News Channel, in which they also don’t pretend anything, they also just show you (1) the picture out the window behind Megyn Kelly(♥), apparently shot with an actual TV camera;  and (2) another picture on Shep Smith’s news show, showing images from all over the eastern seaboard, in which you can even see the Capital from the far end of the Mall, miles away, again not whited-out thanks to modern news footage techniques apparently currently unavailable to the CBC.

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