CBC is the depraved channel

It’s all about the depravity and leftist values.  Anti-conservatism.  Anti-Americanism whenever possible.  Liberalism.  Anti-corporatism.  Anti-religion. Promotion of the global environmentalist industry.  Unionism.  Completely and utterly biased leftist news programs and official leftist state opinions on the mammoth web site.  All this and more.  That’s the state-run billion-dollar-per-year taxpayer-funded CBC.

Among other things, I’ve exposed the CBC’s now defunct “nerve” [2019 edit: link now gone] program and its inexplicably still present mammothly expensive “nerve” web site for you all, which brought up lots of interesting things that you probably never knew your state-run media has been pushing on our teens.

For example they seem to be promoting the notion of young males getting their testicles waxed (pictured upper-left).  For what reason?  To explain another one of those “Canadian values” that Paul Martin lectured us about during the election?  For other guys to look at during their gay sexual encounters as young men?  For their sexual encounters at school with girls?  Maybe to show their church group!

Yes, they show you a CBC-made video of a young male going to a pubic hair-waxing parlour, and show you him getting his testicles waxed.  I blogged about it here (complete with some still-captures and links.


There are lots of other very similarly depraved videos there for you and the kids to see at the same time.  One about a strung-out girl who demonstrates what it would be like to pull a pickle out of her anus.  Another has a young male running completely naked around a public parking lot.  Another demonstrates the value of getting body piercings, in this case with a couple of meat hooks installed in your back, and then being strung-up by those meat hooks and swung around by those meat hooks in a teen punk dance bar.

It’s all part of their Canadian teen values promotion package called “nerve”, from the state-run CBC.  Well they’re somebody’s values, I guess!  Certainly not mine or anyone else with actual values.  But we’re talking about the leftist liberal-appeasing and liberal-value-promoting CBC here, so a different set of rules apply.

Another CBC venture is called “Zed”, and has a section called “Candid”, in which the CBC shows short video flicks, then three childish girl “hosts” of the show (“Trish”, “Suzanne” and “Zorana”) giggle and dish about the flicks they just watched.  They relate stories about their one-night stands as young girls, and other such high art.

Today I’ve made my own little clip about “Zed” so you don’t have to watch theirs.  I’ve alluded to “Zed” before when they were showing a short film (on CBC TV and also presented for you and your kids at the state-un CBC.ca) about a young male who fantasized obsessively about naked women, and of course as you now expect, half the film showed the full-frontal and very detailed nudity of those naked women—for you and all our kids to enjoy on the CBC and at their web site.

UPDATE:  Video flick removed due to legal threats from CBC

This is my little video flick:

CBC’s Values Suck – Zed Candid Stuck


(under 2 minutes)

The next show is on Wednesday March 15 on CBC TV!  Be sure to tune in!  But of course you can watch all the flicks on the giant CBC.ca!  Here’s a teaser for the next show supplied by email to me by the state-run CBC (I’m on their mailing list!):

March 15th – This week on Zed Candid, the short films “Prophylaxis”, “Ouch!” and “Cost of Living” inspire Trish, Suzanne and Zorana to get really, really, really personal. Anal masturbation, circumcision and immortality all in one night! Um, those are the themes in the films, in case you were wondering.

Wow!  Can’t wait.  Hope all the kids tune in.

All the video flicks they show are ridiculous, varying only in the degree to which they are completely ridiculous.  The over-riding theme is depravity, it seems to me.  It’s all about the depraved lifestyle and values (or lack thereof) of godless liberal-leftists.

Here’s a blog entry from the official blog.  At the CBC web site.  Yes, they have a blog too!  Of course!  It’s taxpayer cash, baby, and they have an agenda to promote!  Liberalism!  The blog is called Zed Candid Club.  Get the youth involved!  Maybe your church group would be interested!

Wednesday, March 8. 2006
Love in All the Wrong Places

Hello, hello! It’s that time again. Zed Candid has just ended (depending on what time zone you happen to be curled up in) and the conversation’s only just begun. Tonight we watched some films about love in the wrong places. There was the steamy dance piece “Stuck”, the creepy love story about an infatuated sperm bank employee “The Banker” and the sexy and somewhat gory “Patiente 69”. With this kind of subject matter, how can the discussions not be interesting?

“Stuck” is a film that tells the story of the pitfalls of the morning after the one night stand through narrative dance and some rather racy bathroom nookie scenes. After watching this Trish was reminded of a brutal “morning after” where the fellow felt compelled to tell her that she had “horrible breath”. Mind you, he did soften it with a “don’t take this the wrong way”. Nasty. Personally, I’m all for leaving the country to avoid facing a one night stand. In fact, I think there should be some sort of discount airline just for this purpose.

“The Banker”. What can we say about “The Banker”? A sperm bank employee with a God-complex inseminates thousands of women without their knowledge and he does this for love. Not for the love of the mothers of his unborn children, but for his secret crush – the nurse who works in the semination clinic. An original way to express one’s affections, no? Now, Zorana felt that the banker’s actions were a selfless act of love expressed with “tiny tubes of jizz” (her words, not mine!), while Trish felt it was more about “self-love”. Me? I’ll just make damn sure I do my homework if I ever have to visit a fertility clinic.

And then there’s “Patiente 69” or “Room 69” en Anglais. I thought this film was great fun. But, I confess I saw the ending coming from a mile away. Maybe I’ve seen too many horror films. And I have to tell you the underlying message in this film only confirms what I suspected for many years… sex is a verrrry persuasive force. That and to never underestimate an axe-swinging nymphomaniac. Ah, life lessons.

So, what do you guys think? Any one night stand stories to share? Come on, share! What about the love-crazed sperm banker? Hopeless romantic or restraining order material? Anything else on your mind? Express yourself here.

Damn that’s some intellectual stuff.  Good values too.  I especially like the reference to “rather racy bathroom nookie scenes”, which was between two very young kids.  And that maturely-expressed life lesson:  “sex is a verrrry persuasive force”.  And of course “never underestimate an axe-swinging nymphomaniac”.  And all that “jizz”.

That blog entry was posted nearly a week ago and there’s only two comments and no trackbacks.  I guess they’re not very popular.  No matter!  It’s about promoting liberal-left values with your cash, for you and YOUR KIDS!  Hope ya don’t mind!

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